Eight things you can do to stop the expansion of the Rumpke landfill

1. Find out how to recycle in your area and recycle everything you can.

Most of the solid waste management agencies in our area have lots of information about curbside, business and drop-off options. You can also find out if household hazardous waste or electronics recycling is available nearby. Your town, village or city website should also have up-to-date information.  Here are a few places to start:

Greater Cincinnati can recycle the following items: All paper (except books with glue bindings and paper products contaminated with food residue), cardboard boxes (broken down into 3 foot sections), plastic bottles and jugs #1-7 (only containers with smaller mouths than bottoms), aluminum & steel cans and glass bottles and jars. Please do not try to recycle plastic tubs (like butter tubs), plastic grocery bags, food trays from frozen food, plastic or Styrofoam clamshells, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, glass tableware, plastic plates/cups/utensils.

2. Keep unwanted clothing, household goods, toys, construction and demolition waste out the landfill.

Set aside your unwanted reusable items until you can make a trip to a non-profit drop-off center like Goodwill, Salvation Army or Building Value. Sometimes you can even get a tax-deduction.

3. Compost your yard waste and food scraps.

You can create your own mulch or improve your soil by starting your own compost pile. If you prefer, some areas have yard waste drop off sites or even curbside collection. You can find more information on your county solid waste management website.

4. Reduce your household’s waste stream by making wise consumer choices.

Buying in bulk, reusable shopping bags and avoiding bottled water is just the beginning. Learn more at http://myzerowaste.com/.

5. Advocate for blocking the landfill expansion and improving recycling in your community.

Write to your city or village council, township trustees and county commissioners. Tell them they should oppose expansion of the landfill in Colerain Township and instead work to divert more waste through recycling improvements.  Hamilton County in particular offers Residential Recycling Incentive grants for communities to start or improve recycling programs and awards dollars based on participation. More information at http://www.hcdoes.org/SWMD/GrantOpps/GrantOpps.html

6. Recycle at work.

Local, state and federal grants are also available for commercial and industrial recycling programs and waste audits. Some areas offer technical assistance and materials exchanges that help one business’ trash become another’s raw material.

7. Spread the word about the need to transition away from landfills.

Letters to the editor, blogs, check-out line conversations and linking our website (http://www.ohiocitizen.org) to your Facebook page are key ways to get people to think about their trash and their future.

8. Learn more about the international movement to transition away from landfills and garbage incinerators.