Editorial: Ohioans lose if lawmakers fail to repeal HB 6

"Backers of HB 6 like to say killing the energy efficiency programs saves consumers money because, as of January, a surcharge averaging $3.36 per month no longer will be added to electric bills and the new subsidy for the nuclear bailout will be less than that.

This ignores the fact that energy efficiency — saving energy — saves consumers money. Based on their filings with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, utilities said the efficiency measures saved the average customer $7.71 per month, more than covering the surcharge.

But the quibbling over the surcharges coming on and going off the bills always has ignored the real harm in HB 6, which is that it sends Ohio backward — away from the clean, safe energy sources that promise cleaner air and an opportunity for a manufacturing renaissance — instead, propping up nuclear and coal-fired plants."

-- The Columbus Dispatch Editorial Board 

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