DeWine Was Warned

Governor DeWine Was Warned

Governor Mike DeWine had been warned about the corrupt relationship between former PUCO Chairman Sam Randazzo and FirstEnergy Corporation prior to him hand-picking Randazzo for the job.

Despite the evidence, he appointed Randazzo, a decision that would end up costing Ohio ratepayers millions on their electric bills. It’s time for Governor DeWine to clean house at the PUCO.

Our Crime with DeWine campaign video highlights the latest details:

There is no more question of what Governor DeWine and Lt. Gov. Husted knew or when they knew it. The only real questions that remain are why did Governor DeWine ignore the facts in front of him and put Sam Randazzo in charge of the PUCO anyway?

Why would you appoint a fox to guard the hen house? And why isn’t he interested in real PUCO reform now that the evidence is clear?”

Taking on big utilities like FirstEnergy and holding the DeWine/Husted administration accountable for their role in the HB6 scandal are bold moves against powerful actors. Abuses of government and corporate power can't go unchallenged - they'll only get worse.