Continued House Bill 6 fallout has Ohio lawmakers scrambling


COLUMBUS, Ohio--"Several different pieces of legislation have been introduced to fully or partially repeal HB6, but no action has been taken yet. Legislators have until session ends Dec. 31 to do something before Ohioians start to pay for the energy industry subsidies through a $2.35 fee tacked onto their electric bills on Jan. 1.

Attorney General Dave Yost filed suit Nov. 13 to stop the collection of those charges, saying the 'people of Ohio are about to be shaken down for money they should not have to pay based on how HB 6 was enacted.'

Randazzo’s resignation has more people and groups, including State Rep. David Leland, Ohio Consumer Power Alliance and Ohio Citizen Action, calling for a repeal of HB 6."

--Rachel Wagoner, Farm and Dairy

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