Thank you for your interest in reaching out to the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) via email in support of the Clear Mountain Energy Center

Clear Mountain Energy Center is a proposed 100 MW solar energy facility with 52 MW of battery energy storage in the townships of Jackson, Williamsburg and Batavia in Clermont County, Ohio.The project is expected generate up to 100 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity over its expected 35-year operating life. This project has the potential to power the equivalent of 21,600 Ohio homes. 

The project is expected to create more than 150 jobs in Clermont County during its construction phase, plus some permanent long-term local jobs during its operations stage. An estimated $32.9 million in tax revenue would be generated over the life of the project, roughly $940,000 every year. This will helping to fund local school districts, county infrastructure improvements, and municipal services such as first responders.

It's time for the Ohio Power Siting Board to hear from Ohioans like you as they begin their review process of the project

The residents, farmers and landowners in Clermont County need your help.

Clear Mountain Energy Center will benefit landowners by providing them with a steady source of income by diversifying their revenue streams. It also helps them contribute to a cleaner environment, create local jobs, and support sustainable energy development in our state.

The Ohio Power Siting Board needs to hear from all Ohioans who support a way to generate clean and local energy at low costs. Please write today. Be sure to include your address so that the Siting Board knows these messages are from real Ohioans.  We are hoping to get as many comments as possible in by July 15th.

If the "send a message" button does not work for you, please  follow these simple steps to send an email to OPSB.

1. Address your email message to: [email protected]

2. Subject line must be: Clear Mountain Energy Center: Case Number 23-0045-EL-BGN

3. Please write a message about why solar energy is important to you and for Ohio. It's best to use your own words, but here are some points to get you started:

  • I support the development of solar power in Clermont County.
  • The Clear Mountain Energy Center will benefit landowners by providing them with a steady source of income, diversifying their revenue streams.
  • The Clear Mountain Energy Center is important for Ohio's transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.
  • Incorporating solar into our all-of-the-above energy mix reduces costs, minimizes air pollution, and promotes a "Made in America" approach to energy, creating and preserving local, well-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.
  • The project can help reduce air pollution, leading to cleaner air quality and improved public health outcomes for all Ohio residents.
  • Please approve the Clear Mountain Energy Center in Clermont County.

4. Sign with your full name and city

5. Send your message today and let us know if you get a response!

Thank you!


A solar project provides a healthy, productive economic development opportunity for local landowners to harvest a stable cash crop—the sun. Benefits include positive impacts to the local economy through revenue to local governments and support to other local services.​

In addition to being safe and compatible with agricultural and rural residential uses, solar energy facilities exist in harmony with wildlife and the environment. They make good neighbors because they operate almost silently without producing odor or byproducts or attracting additional traffic.

In the bigger picture, solar energy projects provide an abundant, earth-friendly, sustainable power resource to help stabilize electricity costs. These amazing systems lessen carbon emissions and contribute to the diversification of the nation’s electricity grid.

Solar power produces direct positive economic impacts by contributing to the economic revitalization of local communities through increases to the local tax base and by creating stable revenue to fund local schools and other taxing bodies.  ​

Solar power also generates indirect positive economic impacts during the construction process as local businesses (restaurants, gas stations, hotels, stores, and more) and supply chains experience an influx of customers.