Black Leaders call for Repeal of HB 6

CLEVELAND – "Over the past year, the pandemic and social protests have only highlighted the disparities. Policies such as House Bill 6 disproportionately affect communities of color, already negatively impacted by pollution, climate change, and lack of access to quality greenspace. These policies rob communities of opportunities to forge their own paths forward in terms of clean energy, generating jobs, stimulating local economies, and creating healthy and safe places to live.

We need to demand action and do so with one voice. House Bill 6 must be replaced with 'just' policies that care for and support communities while transitioning from the old way of doing business. We need policies that are built around an energy economy that empowers rather than exploits, and harms, communities.

It’s time for our state lawmakers to listen to the will of the people. It’s time to restore trust in the legislative process."

–- SeMia Bray, Jacquie Gillon, David Wilson, The Real Deal Press

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