The Ohio Senate passed House Joint Resolution 1's companion bill, Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR2). A session has been scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, May 10–which is the final day that HJR1 or SJR2 can pass and still make it onto an August special election.

We need to keep up the pressure!

The battle to protect one person, one vote is not over!

These lawmakers want us to vote to weaken the constitutional power the people have held for more than a century.

We have a chance right now to stop HJR1/SJR2 in the legislature. Please call these representatives today!

Jason Stephens (House Speaker) - House District 93
Phone: (614) 466-1366

Brett Hillyer - House District 51
Phone: (614) 466-8035

D.J. Swearingen - House District 89
Phone: (614) 644-6011

Scott Oelslager - House District 48
Phone: (614) 752-2438

Gayle Manning - House District 52
Phone: (614) 644-5076

Monica Robb Blasdel - House District 79
Phone: (614) 466-8022

Jeff LaRe - House District 73
Phone: (614) 466-8100

Thomas Patton - House District 17
Any attempt to make it harder for people to propose and pass their own laws is an attack on our core belief - that government works best when people participate.

That's why Ohio Citizen Action is fighting to stop HJR1. We need your help to stand up to politicians who are more interested in consolidating their own power than in representing the people of Ohio.

Please join us Wednesday, May 10, for a Day of Action at the Statehouse

Please plan on joining us for a 'Day of Action' at the Ohio Statehouse to voice our opposition to HJR1/SJR2 Wednesday, May 10th at 12:30 PM. The meeting place is Trinity Episcopal Church, 125 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215. Let's make our voices heard to protect our freedom and rights!