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The premier grassroots mobilizing and organizing team in the Midwest.

Our Mission:

Ohio Citizen Action organizes and mobilizes people to advocate for public interests. In person, by phone, and online, we engage people in actions that protect public health, improve environmental quality, and benefit consumers. Our campaigns connect Ohioans and build a movement to protect democracy and create a sustainable future.

The Premier Grassroots Mobilizing and Organizing Team in the Midwest


Repeal ALL of HB 6
Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

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Latest Updates

Letter to the editor - Anne S. Wise

Jun 07, 2023 12:58 PM

CLEVELAND -- I have voted in almost every national, state and local elections, including special elections, since I moved to Cuyahoga County in 1995. I vote because it’s both my right and my obligation as a citizen; I vote in hopes of improving the city I love; I vote to try to protect the future for our youth too young to vote; and, as a community-based physician, I vote because I understand that the health of my patients depends as much on thoughtful and caring public policy as it does on my treatment plans.

The resolution to raise the threshold for citizen-led state constitutional amendment initiatives from a simple majority to a supermajority of 60% is an enraging assault by our gerrymandered Ohio legislature on our voting voices. Citizen-led ballot initiatives are a tool that allows Ohioans to check the power of our state government. Diminishing the power of one person, one vote, means more power for extreme, out-of-touch politicians, lobbyists and special interests - which, of course, is the point.

I will vote in this cynical, bought-and-paid-for special August election. And I will vote “No”: for my patients, our future, and for democracy itself.

Dr. Anne S. Wise, Cleveland, letter to the editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer published June 5, 2023

May 2023 Metzenbaum Society newsletter

May 31, 2023 2:33 PM

In this edition of our Metzenbaum Society newsletter we share the great news that Shammas Malik has emerged as the presumptive mayor of Akron, winning the Democratic primary with an impressive 43% of the vote. This election also underscores the importance of grassroots efforts, as Ohio Citizen Action's door-to-door canvassing made a tangible impact on Malik's resounding success. You can also read about many organizational developments as we continue to support pro-climate, pro-consumer, and pro-democracy candidates in upcoming municipal elections this fall.

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My first day on the job

May 05, 2023 3:20 PM

Me, Justin Gray-Besson and Tatiana Rodzos in Columbus May 3, 2023.

As I made the move from East Lansing, Michigan to Columbus, Ohio to take on a new job as a canvass director for Ohio Citizen Action, I was excited to learn about the state's politics and become involved in the community.

My first day on the job was a baptism by fire. I arrived at the Statehouse in Columbus to find hundreds of people gathered in protest against a voter approval plan that was set to be voted on in the upcoming August special election. The size of the crowd and the energy in the air was impressive, and I felt a sense of awe at the passion and commitment on display.

Throughout the day, I was impressed with the professionalism and dedication of my fellow staff members. It was clear that this was a community that cares deeply about democracy and is willing to fight for what it believes in.

My first day on the job as a canvass director for Ohio Citizen Action was an inspiring and rewarding experience. I look forward to continuing to work with this organization and to exploring my new city.

I think I'll like it here!

- Angie Greer, Columbus staff director