2021 Year in Review

A Letter from CEO, Rachael Belz

Greetings from the front lines of Ohio’s climate movement.

As we all continue to adapt to fallout from the pandemic, I’m proud to say that Ohio Citizen Action and Ohio Consumers Power Alliance have not just reacted but have proactively forged ahead toward our new normal.

I hope that last year heralded a pivot toward reinvigorated government and corporate accountability as part of our new normal. Some of the architects of corrupt House Bill 6 were fired or fined in 2021, and there are more revelations to come. Customers saw some of their money refunded. We’re not finished cleaning up the mess, and we certainly haven’t seen the end of court battles, be they criminal, civil or the court of public opinion. I’m sure you agree it’s not too much to expect government officials to reject bribes and put consumers’ interests above their own or those of their campaign donors.

I really appreciate your support last year and look forward to working with you toward a new normal that values and serves us all -- in 2022 and beyond.

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