Physicians contribute heavily to Stratton and O’Connor

For Immediate Release:
October 31, 2002

Catherine Turcer, Ohio Citizen Action
(614) 263-4111

Full text of study (55 KB doc).

COLUMBUS -- From October 1-16, physicians have contributed $76,900 to Justice Evelyn Stratton; $53,129 to Maureen O’Connor; $575 to Tim Black and $0 to Janet Burnside, according to a report released today by Ohio Citizen Action. Physicians and insurance companies contributed almost a million dollars combined to Stratton and O’Connor. In contrast, Black and Burnside’s top contributors are trial lawyers.

"It’s not exactly a shoot out at the O.K. Corral," said Catherine Turcer, campaign reform director for Ohio Citizen Action. "But the white coats are definitely putting money into the Supreme Court race and there is a stand off at the Statehouse."

Candidates raised $5.5 million from January 1-October 16. The average individual contribution to Black was $472; Burnside $432; Stratton $240; and O’Connor $235. Contributions from outside Ohio equaled $259,495.

The top organizational contributor in Akron is Scanlon and Gearinger Co. LPA ($60,400), LPA; in Cincinnati, Cincinnati Insurance Companies ($63,105), in Cleveland, Spangenberg Shibley and Liber, LPA ($46,450); in Columbus, Clark Perdue Roberts and Scott Co. LPA ($52,900), in Dayton Dyer Garofalo Mann and Schultz, LPA ($24,050); in Toledo, Williams Jilek Lafferty Gallagher and Scott ($31,000); and in Youngstown, Service Employees International Union ($11,000).

Ohio Citizen Action campaigns on issues from toxic waste and food safety to utility and insurance rates to political reform. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, Ohio Citizen Action was founded in 1975.

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