Ohio GOP earns "A", Dems "F" on disclosure

For immediate release
September 4, 2002

Catherine Turcer
(614) 263-4111

COLUMBUS -- Ohio Citizen Action today gave the Ohio Republican Party an ĎAí for disclosing information on contributors to state party committees other than the notorious operating account. The group gave the Ohio Democratic Party an ĎF.í The Democrats identified only 40% of individual contributions over $100.

"Meanwhile, both parties continue the operating account chicanery," said Catherine Turcer, campaign reform director for Ohio Citizen Action. "The Republicans refuse to disclose anything about their operating account. The Democrats claim they donít have one, but havenít provided a way to verify it. Itís getting crowded behind the curtain."

The study released today analyzed 2001 contributions to state political party and caucus committees, particularly whether they revealed the employers of individual contributors who gave more than $100. The Ohio Democratic Party and the Ohio Republican Party have voluntarily committed to provide this information, which is not required by Ohio law.

Ohio Citizen Actionís research arm, Citizens Policy Center, surveyed the Ohio Democratic and Republican county level parties. Twenty-nine Democratic county parties (including Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Montgomery) and 14 Republican county parties (Franklin and Lucas) committed to disclose the address and employers who gave over $100 and any contributions toward an operating account.

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Ohio Citizen Action campaigns on issues from toxic waste and food safety to utility and insurance rates to political reform. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, Ohio Citizen Action was founded in 1975. The Citizens Policy Center has been studying money and politics since 1994.

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