2005 Contributions to Ohio Gubernatorial Candidates

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During 2005, contributions to all the gubernatorial candidates total

2005 Contributions to Candidates for Governor*
Candidate Party
Bryan Flannery Democrat
Ted Strickland Democrat
J. Kenneth Blackwell Republican
Jim Petro Republican
*Totals include both monetary and in-kind contributions.

Average Individual Contributions

Average Contribution
Bryan Flannery-D
Ted Strickland-D
J. Kenneth Blackwell-R
Jim Petro-R
All Candidates

There were 17,996 individual donors to gubernatorial candidates in 2005.
In 2005, the average individual contribution size for the gubernatorial candidates was

Candidate Number of Contributions from individuals less than $200 Percentage of Contributions from individuals less than $200 Number of Contributions from individuals $200 & more Percentage of Contributions from individuals $200 & more Total
Flannery 230 83.0% 47 17.0% 277
Strickland 4,800 72.0% 1,868 28.0% 6,668
Blackwell 14,308 90.3% 1,537 9.7% 15,845
Petro 1,869 50.7% 1,819 49.3% 3,688
Total 21,207 80.1% 5,271 19.9% 26,478

Blackwell received a surprising 14,308 contributions from small donors. Ninety percent of his contributions from individuals were small, grassroots donations. His opponent in the primary provides a striking contrast. Petro received only half of his contributions from small donors. All the candidates received at least half of their contributions from small donors (less than $200). Eighty percent of the total contributions from individuals were in amounts less than $200.

Contribution Comparison
  Number of Individual Contributions less than $200 Number of Individual Contributions greater than $200 Number of $10,000 contributions Total
Democrats 5,030 1,914 75 6,944
Republicans 16,129 3,406 80 19,535
Total 21,159 5,320 155 26,479

Candidate Number of $10,000 Contributions
Bryan Flannery
Ted Strickland
J. Kenneth Blackwell
Jim Petro
All Candidates

In 2004, contribution limits were raised to $10,000. Together all the gubernatorial candidates received 156 contributions of the maximum amount.

Total Amount from Political Party, Candidate Committees, and Leadership PAC

Candidate Dollar Amount
Flannery $100
Strickland $114,115
Blackwell $9,875
Petro $467,419
Total $591,509
Petro received 79% of the total amount of contributions to gubernatorial candidates from political party, candidate committees, and leadership PACs. Blackwell only received contributions from 11 candidate committees. He did not receive contributions from any Republican Party or candidate committees for statewide office.

Despite the relatively small difference in the total amount of money raised by Blackwell and Petro, Blackwell had significantly more contributions from small donors. He also received significantly more $10,000 contributions. Strickland raised 32 times more money than his competitor, Bryan Flannery. Flannery did not break $100,000 and his total represented only 1% of the total monies generated by gubernatorial candidates. Flannery did not receive the support of the Democratic party. Jim Petro's campaign has had strong support from the Republican Party as a whole. Despite a lack of similar support, Blackwell was able to generate slightly more money than Petro.

Comparison of Contributions from the Top Three Economic Sectors for each of the Gubernatorial Candidates
Top Sector
Second Sector
Third Sector
Bryan Flannery
Real Estate
Ted Strickland
Real Estate
J. Kenneth Blackwell
Jim Petro

Economic interests are more clearly defined than ideological interests because individual donors identify their employers and not their ideological affiliation. Although Petro appears to have more ideological support than Blackwell, this is likely not to be the case. These ideological contributions to Petro were primarily political party giving. It is hard to tease out ideological giving due to social issues like pro-life and anti-tax sentiments, especially from small donors. Both Strickland and Petro received most of their contributions from attorneys and law firms. Both Flannery and Strickland received support from labor unions.

Contributions from Clergy

Candidate Amount from Clergy
Bryan Flannery $0
Ted Strickland $615
J. Kenneth Blackwell $20,811
Jim Petro $5,535
Total $26,961

J. Kenneth Blackwell has received support in the media from conservative churches. He received more than $20,000 from pastors. This can be contrasted with Ted Strickland, a former United Methodist minister who received only $615 from clergy.

Top Organizational Donors by Candidate
Bryan Flannery Ted Strickland
1. Rysar Properties $10,200
2. Anderson Ford of Omaha $10,000
3. Office and Professional Employees International Labor Union (OPEIU) $ 10,000
4. Surace Agencies $9,000
5. The George Group $4,100
1. Visconsi Companies $32,000
2. Woda Group LLC $27,500
3. Boich Companies $25,000
4. Carington Health Systems $25,000
5. Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur $23,450
J. Kenneth Blackwell Jim Petro
1. R + L Carriers $80,500
2. HSR Business to Business $61,380
3. Ladd Industries $55,000
4. American Trim LLC $40,020
5. Security National Holding Company $30,000
1. Ohio Republican State and Central Executive Committee $380,313
2. Citizens for Heimlich $57,717
3. Roetzel & Andress $51,650
4. Altair Engineering $35,000
5. Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs $30,950

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