Follow the Money

Richard Cordray raised over $1.9 million since January 2007. Demonstrating his fundraising powers, Cordray out-raised Republican opponent D. Michael Crites by a ratio of more than of 21 to 1 and independent candidate Robert M. Owens in excess of 95 to 1. Former Attorney General Marc Dann’s resignation in May created this open seat race. Although no one could have predicted the fallout from the scandal, Richard Cordray was financially prepared for this opportunity. Cordray, the Ohio State Treasurer, began fundraising almost immediately upon reaching state office. Highlighting the power of incumbency, Cordray generated more than $138,556 in 2007. Crites began fundraising on August 11, 2008 and Owens began fundraising on May 28, 2008. From January 1, 2007 to August 31, 2008, altogether the candidates for Ohio Attorney General raised $2,038,350. Richard Cordray raised $1,929,684; D. Michael Crites raised $88,561; and Robert M. Owens raised $20,140 within this time period. Richard Cordray has already raised more than he did during his 1998 race for Attorney General ($1,145,544)

Full study: Contributions to Candidates for Ohio Attorney General from January 1, 2007 to August 31, 2008


The database is based on the filings of candidates for the Ohio Attorney General, available in computerized form from the Ohio Secretary of State. These filings were submitted electronically by the candidate committees to the Secretary of State and are available on-line at

To identify the employers of contributors, the Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund used the following:
    1. Databases of architects, doctors, dentists, funeral directors, and certified public accountants registered to do business in Ohio from the Ohio Division of Administrative Services,
    2. A database from the Ohio Supreme Court of attorneys in Ohio
    3. A list of lobbyists in Ohio from the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee,
    4. A list of contributors to political action committees in Ohio,
    5. Database of physicians provided by the American Medical Association,
    6. Database of attorneys provided by Martindale-Hubble.
    7. Search engines like Google.
For each candidate the total amount in this campaign finance database includes the following:
  • Contributions received
  • Contributions received at a social or fundraising event
  • In-kind contributions received
  • Contributions the candidate gave to his own campaign
The campaign finance profiles do not include Statement of Other Income, which includes interest, refunds, returns, and other non-contribution income.

1% of the money in this study was unidentified.

Contribution allocation charts (p.2 – 3) separate contribution types. The union contributions include only those from union political contributing entities. The political party contributions include only political party and candidate committee and Leadership PAC donations. Individual employee donations are included in the individual category. In all other cases, organizational totals include PACs/PCEs and employees.