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For Release:June 24, 1997
Contact:Joe Bulzan
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In a Report and Recommendation filed June 20, 1997, the Hearing Examiner recommended approval of a transfer of a hazardous waste permit to Von Roll America, Inc. (Von Roll) for the Waste Technologies Industries, East Liverpool, hazardous waste facility. The recommendation was subject to the following conditions:

The Hearing Examiner reported that the question of what issues may be considered was of major significance in this case. The Hearing Examiner decided, that as the case involved only a change in ownership, three issues were to be reviewed: (1) whether the facility complies with the Ohio hazardous waste rules, (2) whether the facility complies with Ohio environmental laws, and (3) whether there is a history of compliance of the owner, operator and key facility employees. The Hearing Examiner reported that his review of the compliance history did not demonstrate a history of significant non-compliance, and that while there have been a number of violations, those violations, in general, have been minor in nature and were quickly remedied or dealt with satisfactorily.

The Hearing Examiner reported that Von Roll demonstrated the requisite degree of reliability, expertise and competency required under the law and that the facility, if operated in accordance with his recommended conditions, will operate in compliance with the appropriate hazardous waste standards.

As to other issues that were raised, the Hearing Examiner reported that they did not relate to the very narrow and specific permit modification requested in this case. The Hearing Examiner, stating that Ohio law explicitly requires that no aspect of the permitted facility or its operation that is not being modified shall be subject to review, constrained his review to only the ownership change and that issues outside that scope were not reviewed.

The Hazardous Waste Facility Board will mail a copy of the Hearing Examiner's Report and Recommendation to all parties in the case, who will have twenty days to file any objections. The Board will review the Hearing Examiner's Report and Recommendation, together with any party objections and the official record of the case. The Board will make its decision in a meeting open to the public. Announcement of Board meetings are made in local newspapers and provided to persons on the Board's mailing list.


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