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Please Mr. President-elect,
Give our town hope


December 15, 1992
Full-page Von Roll ad in the New York Times, Washington Post, and papers in East Liverpool and Little Rock

On Monday, December 7th, according to press accounts, the Vice President-elect pledged that the Clinton Administration would block a hazardous waste incinerator in Ohio from starting operation.

That incinerator - Waste Technologies Industries (WTI) - is located in our town, East Liverpool, Ohio. It is our hope for industrial rebirth.

Through ten years, it has received the most thorough legal and regulatory scrutiny of any industrial facility in the nation...On behalf of the overwhelming majority of East Liverpoolís citizens, we ask you to let WTI open on schedule...WTI is the first major industrial investment in town in 20 years. It has produced 500 union construction jobs, jobs that will continue when expansion begins immediately after the plant opens. It is creating 125 permanent jobs plus (according to economists) two Ďripple effect jobsí for each of these 625 construction and operating jobs. Its $1.7 million in local taxes and $3.5 million payroll will enable the town to improve its schools and services. The plantís $600,000 additional tipping fees are dedicated to rebuilding our downtown and creating new jobs there. The city hospital will receive a dollar for every one of the 60,000 tons of industrial waste it processes a year, a big boon [indeed!] to local health care. And since it is European-owned, WTI is an international advertisement that new industry is welcome here in the Ohio Valley...

You said you wanted to create jobs by encouraging environmental technology. Thatís WTI. Its business is cleaning up the environment.

You said that you would not let special interest groups run your White House. Opposition to WTI has been organized by a special interest group - the radical environmental lobbyists of Greenpeace...

We bet Greenpeace didnít tell your staffers that the fanatical battles it has waged using Hollywood celebrities, big dollars and harassment have driven WTI to a difficult situation with its bankers. Another delay - as Mr. Gore specifically proposed - could mean the plant never opens...

Finally, we bet Greenpeace forgot to say that WTI is so clean that, if closing it sets a new standard for all the nationís industrial plants, no new factories will open or expand in the U.S. for years to come. It is cleaner than any steel mill, auto factory, computer chip manufacturer, chemical plant, large farm or any other major facility in the nation. Close it and you are setting a standard that will ship millions of jobs overseas - a bad way to start your defense of Americaís economic security...

Mr. President-elect, you have said that you believe in a place called Hope. To us, WTI means jobs and a cleaner environment. Like you, it stands for hope. Please, Mr. President-elect, keep our hope alive. WTI must open on schedule.

East Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
Columbiana County Progress Council
Tri-State EDGE (Economic Development Growth & Exchange)
People for Progress
Employees of WTI
Von Roll