A lesson in public relations
WTI fakes official photo of incinerator

The first image was the official company photo of one of the world's largest hazardous waste incinerators, until recently in the photo section of the Von Roll WTI website. It appears to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Look carefully at the trees in the bottom 1/2-inch of the photo. They are identical to the trees at the top of the photo. The WTI public relations department doctored the photo to cover something up. What is it they didn't want you to see?

WTI: Official company photo

A different photo of the same facility, by Steve Holiday, shows you the answer. The incinerator is burning hazardous waste in the middle of East Liverpool, Ohio, surrounded by hundreds of homes, and 1,100 feet from East Elementary School.

WTI: From a different angle

After Ohio Citizen Action discovered and exposed the doctored photo, WTI replaced it on their website with another photo, below. It is still a crude deception: they cropped the photo at the tree line so you don't see the immediately adjacent houses.

WTI: From a different angle

Later, as part of a redesign of the whole website, WTI added two more outside photos of the facility, one daytime and one nighttime. In both, the camera was aimed at the sky, so there's no chance of guessing where the plant sits:


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