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Letter to the editor:
WTI sullied by mud tossed at vice president



Through syndication, Morning Journal readers on Sunday read what passes for critical thinking by a columnist at one of this country's top newspapers. [McGrory column full text]

The Washington Post's Mary McGrory passed on an opportunity to exmaine the facts about our company and the results from all of the public reviews that have been conducted. Instead, she opted to promote the political theater that is now playing courtesy of Greenpeace, Citizen Action and the remaining local critics.

McGrory is not fan of Vice President Al Gore. Using the Post's barrels of ink, she has made the presidential primary season her personal crusade against the vice president. At every turn, she has criticized him while extolling the virtues of a hypothetical Bradley presidency.

So, it is little surprise she would use Greenpeace's dirty water to splash on the vice president. Next week, she'll move on in support of another group that has a beef with the presumed presidential candidate.

The 186 workers here do their best at managing just a dollop of the chemical residues that Americans -- including McGrory and the local critics -- generate. And we do so in a manner that is not harmful to our community.

Raymond J. Wayne, Employee and Community Relations
Von Roll WTI
East Liverpool