electric competition
pollution prevention

TV and radio spots on WTI
by Save Our County and Greenpeace

TV spot
Total running time :30
Terri Swearingen:
They have located it in a residential area where the closest home is 320 feet away, 1100 feet from an elementary school where 400 school students attend.

President Clinton:
That should not be done. You ought to have some jurisdiction at the state level about how close they get to schools and other things that are really troubling, and when we are in office, we will have real, meaningful, national standards for the permitting of these sort of incinerators.

End Slate:
President Clinton
Keep Your Promise
Stop WTI
Call the White House Today
(202) 456-1414

Radio spot
Total Running Time :60

(Voice over) :08
On the campaign trail, Vice President Al Gore promised to stop the burning of toxic waste at the WTI incinerator.

(Actuality, GORE):13
A Clinton/Gore administration is going to give you an environmental presidency to deal with these problems. We'll be on your side for a change instead of the side of the garbage generators.

(V/O) :04
and President Clinton also said he opposed the burn.

(Actuality, Clinton) :10
The federal government should not permit permitting of incinerators where you are going to have on-site storage of garbage in a flood plain..that should not be done.

(V/O) :21
But the Administration backed down on that promise and now, the world's largest toxic incinerator is burning poisonous waste in your backyard. Call the White House today at 202-456-1414. Tell Bill Clinton and Al Gore to keep their pormise and shut down WTI. If they don't, it's you that's getting burned. A message from Save Our County and Greenpeace.