Dec 11, 1999AKRON -- "Too bad Gore didn't inherit Dad's courage," Jennifer O'Donnell, Guest Viewpoint, Akron Beacon Journal
Dec 1, 1999AKRON -- "Gore and Bush tied to WTI financier," Jennifer O'Donnell, Ohio Citizen Action, Fall-Winter 1999-2000
Nov 29, 1999WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "Using lax standards, U.S. EPA allows toxic waste incinerators to dump dangerous pollution; Sierra Club Sues EPA to protect families from airborne toxics," release, Sierra Club
Nov 6, 1999CINCINNATI -- "Lobbyist pleads guilty to filing false tax returns; Michael Fabiano to cooperate with investigators about alleged corruption of environmental regulators," Margaret Newkirk, Akron Beacon Journal
Oct 13, 1999CINCINNATI -- "Payments come to light; Eastern Ohio air inspectors admit selling 'expertise' to a lobbyist in Ohio River Valley corruption case," Margaret Newkirk, Akron Beacon Journal
Aug 13, 1999COLUMBUS -- "This is a moral issue," speech excerpts, Terri Swearingen, National Canvassers Conference, Hudson Bay Company
Jun 21WASHINGTON, DC -- Von Roll America, Inc., files a Risk Management Plan with the U.S. EPA.
Apr 15COLUMBUS -- "Murky Network," Bob Fitrakis, Columbus Alive
Nov 20, 1998COLUMBUS -- "Ohio EPA to answer questions, hear comments on modified permit for WTI," release, Ohio EPA
Sep 1, 1998EAST LIVERPOOL -- "Eco-injustice: The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness," Excerpts from an interview with Terri Swearingen, Earthkeeping: A newsletter of the North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology, September/October 1998
Mar 3, 1998CHICAGO -- "U.S. EPA OK's WTI permit modification," release, U.S. EPA Region V
Nov 1, 1997EAST LIVERPOOL -- "Conversations: Terri Swearingen The Long War with WTI," Tracey Rembert, E: The Environment Magazine, Nov Dec 1997
Sep 1, 1997STATE COLLEGE, PA -- "Sparking Controversy," Research/Penn State, Sep, 1997
Aug 1, 1997SAN DIEGO -- "Activist Mom wins Goldman Prize," San Diego Earth Times, Aug, 1997
Jun 26, 1997COLUMBUS -- "Ohio incinerator opponents seek investigation; environmental group asks Governor to look into conduct of company," Margaret Newkirk, Akron Beacon Journal. "Opponents also want Voinovich to look into connections between NOVAA employees Zumpano and DeLuca and WTI's former Columbus lobbyist, Tony Fabiano. Investigators from the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also looking into a possible financial relationship involving Zumpano, DeLuca and Fabiano, as well as any relationship between Fabiano and Paul Voinovich, the governor's brother."
Jun 21, 1997COLUMBUS -- "State yanks funding from air monitor; Steubenville agency, linked to criminal probe last fall, faulted in audit," Margaret Newkirk, Akron Beacon Journal. "[The agency's former director, Pat 'Patsy'] DeLuca told the EPA that the [NOVAA] employees did the work for their extra paychecks on their own time. One of the two extra payrolls was funded by Waste Technologies Industries. WTI operates a highly controversial hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool that NOVAA was responsible for monitoring."
Jun 20, 1997COLUMBUS -- "Investigation of Zumpano is widened; Probe of man linked to Governor's brother spreads to Columbus," Margaret Newkirk, Dennis Willard, Akron Beacon Journal. "Agents from the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation subpoenaed records on May 7 from the office of Columbus lobbyist Tony Fabiano as part of the probe, according to federal and other sources... Until January, Fabiano was registered as a lobbyist for WTI, the controversial hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool that received its final operating permit from the state last month."
COLUMBUS -- "Report and Recommendations filed in WTI case," release, text, Ohio Hazardous Waste Facility Board
May 20, 1997COLUMBUS -- "Ohio EPA approves trial burn results, authorizes final operating conditions at WTI," release, Ohio EPA
May 4, 1997COLUMBUS -- "Trouble in the air monitoring agency; Operating in ozone?," Margaret Newkirk, Dennis Willard, Bob Downing, Akron Beacon Journal. "For East Liverpool, there's a larger question: After all the studies and all the reassurances, who was watching WTI? 'It scares me,' said Sandi Estell, whose back yard sits almost eye-level with the top of the WTI incinerator stack. 'We're not given any honest place to turn to for information, with my family living so close to this plant.'"
Apr 14, 1997EAST LIVERPOOL -- Terri Swearingen is awarded the 1997 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America. Text of acceptance speech.
Feb 20, 1997COLUMBUS -- "Ohio EPA authorizes hazardous waste permit changes for WTI," release, Ohio EPA
Nov 18, 1995CLEVELAND -- "East Liverpool's Alonzo Spencer wins first Howard M. Metzenbaum Citizen Action Award," Citizen Action: Special 20th Anniversary Issue, 1975-1995
Sep, 1994WASHINGTON, DC -- "Hazardous waste incinerator in Ohio," U.S. Government Accounting Office"...the grounds for terminating WTI's permit or imposing a penalty were present, and EPA could have taken either action or both."
Jul 29, 1994ST. LOUIS, MO -- "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence," speech, Terri Swearingen, Second International Citizens Conference on Dioxin, St. Louis University
May 1, 1994NEW YORK, NY -- CBS News 60 Minutes covers the WTI conflict.
Apr, 1994EAST LIVERPOOL -- Two hundred students from a 250-mile radius attend a rally at WTI, featuring Dr. Paul Connett.
Mar, 1994EAST LIVERPOOL -- Mercury levels in local children found to have increased.
Dec 6, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Dump truck action at White House on 'Broken promise' anniversary; thirteen arrested, six charged with felonies.
Nov 19, 1993CINCINNATI -- Federal Appeals Court dismisses Aldrich order based on lack of jurisdiction, not lack of evidence of danger.
Nov 6, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Citizens deliver 100 copies of Vice President Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance, to the White House in a mass recall.
Nov 1, 1993SAN FRANCISCO -- "Where are you Al? Our 'Earth in the Balance' Vice President is unable or unwilling to stop even as dangerous a project as the Ohio incinerator," L. J. Davis, Mother Jones, Nov/Dec 1993
Aug 9, 1993CHARLESTON, WV -- President Bill Clinton visits West Virginia capital: "What about WTI?"
Jul 17, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Citizens chain themselves around a school bus in front of the Swiss embassy. Twenty-three people are arrested.
Jun 24, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Five top scientists travel to Washington to call on President Clinton to halt WTI; others write.
May 18, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. EPA Administrator Carol Browner announces a new policy on hazardous waste incineration and an 18-month "freeze".
May 17, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Bus tour ends with citizens from across the country building a mock incinerator that released clouds of mock emissions in front of the White House. Fifty-four people are arrested.
Apr 19-May 17, 1993CROSS-COUNTRY -- Greenpeace "Pinocchio" bus tour.
Apr 17, 1993PITTSBURGH -- "Pinocchio" campaign initiated during Clinton's visit.
Mar-May, 1993EAST LIVERPOOL -- Save Our County and Greenpeace run TV and radio spots on WTI
Mar, 1993EAST LIVERPOOL -- WTI fails three areas of test burn but continues to operate.
Mar 18, 1993CINCINNATI -- WTI wins emergency stay of Aldrich order from federal appellate judges and continues to operate pending appeal.
WASHINGTON, DC -- Eight citizens arrested at White House.
Mar 5, 1993CLEVELAND -- Judge Ann Aldrich rules to allow the test burn, but enjoins commercial operation until a risk assessment is complete.
Feb 5, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. EPA Administrator Carol Browner recuses herself from all WTI matters.
WASHINGTON, DC -- Secret U.S. EPA 'Guimond memo' on food chain risk is leaked.
Feb 4, 1993CLEVELAND -- Federal judge temporarily stays approval for test burn.
Jan 20, 1993WASHINGTON, DC -- Bill Clinton is sworn in as President. His Administration takes no action to stop the test burn.
Jan 17, 1993EAST LIVERPOOL -- Forum featuring ILlinois State Rep. Clem Balanoff and Former Ohio EPA Deupty Director Richard Sahli.
Jan 12, 1993CLEVELAND -- Greenpeace and local citizens file a temporary restraining order to stop the test burn. The Government Accountablity Project of Washington, D.C. are their attorneys.
Jan 11, 1993CHICAGO -- U.S. EPA Region V gives approval for WTI test burn. "The EPA, in apparent defiance of the coming Clinton Administration, will allow a controversial hazardous waste incinerator to move one step closer to commercial operation.... A test burn is a seven-day test conducted to determine whether an incinerator meets federal pollution standards...Under the terms granted by the EPA's regional office in Chicago, the incinerator may not begin commercial operation until it can demonstrate that it has met certain criteria concerning its emissions. That process is expected to take at least a week, virtually guaranteeing that approval for full operation won't come before Bill Clinton assumes office..." Wall Street Journal
Jan 8, 1993NEW YORK -- "Von Roll, the builder, has spent $160 million and 13 years to get this far. Then Greenpeace seems to have visited Al Gore in a dream, and now the Veep-elect vows to torpedo the project...Fixing on bogus legalisms, [Greenpeace] is painting Von Roll as a fly-by-night outfit. Mr. Gore has lent credibility to this cynical nonsense by ordering up a GAO investigation into the plant's ownership and licensing...Now, based on something he saw out the campaign bus window, he may sink hundreds of anti-pollution jobs in a state that just voted for his boss." editorial, Wall Street Journal.
Jan 6, 1993EAST LIVERPOOL -- U.S. EPA Documents show WTI lied about East Liverpool waste incinerator, press advisory, TriState Environmental Council, Save Our County, Greenpeace
COLUMBUS -- Ohio EPA issues permit for test burn at incinerator.