Dec 30, 1991COLUMBUS -- Citizens slam health study.
Dec 20, 1991CHICAGO, IL -- U.S. EPA Region V Counsel Nancy Ellen Zusman notifies the CCPA by letter of Region 5's intent to modify the U.S. EPA WTI permit wherein the U.S. EPA would reissue the permit to the CCPA as Co-permittee.
Dec 17, 1991COLUMBUS -- Ten Ohio Valley residents arrested after they occupy Ohio EPA Director Don Shregardus' office demanding a halt to all activities at WTI until a full scale review of the WTI permit is complete.
Dec 10, 1991COLUMBUS -- Citizens present Ohio Governor George Voinovich with an incinerator capacity math lesson.
Dec 4, 1991PITTSBURGH, PA -- "WTI: The potential for lead to be released into the proximate environment of children," letter to Terri Swearingen from Dr. Herbert Needleman, University of Pittsburgh, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic;
COLUMBUS -- Ohio Governor Geroge Voinovich proposes a state moratorium on constructing any new hazardous waste incinerators, exempting WTI.
Dec 2, 1991CHICAGO, IL -- Regional Administrator Valdas Adamkus lies to Senator Jay Rockefeller in official correspondence concerning RCRA required landowner signature on WTI permit, saying:
"In 1983 the Agency did not make the distinction between property owners and facility owners. WTI owns the facility; it does not own the property. Since 1983, the Agency has changed its policy."
Nov 26, 1991COLUMBUS -- Ohio Governor George Voinovich announces health study on East Liverpool children.
Nov 23, 1991COLUMBUS -- 'Weenie Roast' at Ohio Governor George Voinovich's mansion.
Nov 21, 1991COLUMBUS -- Citizens reveal analysis of Ohio Capacity Assurance Plan shows great excess incinerator capacity without WTI.
Nov 12, 1991 WASHINGTON, DC -- Staff of U.S. Senators from Ohio and West Virginia meet with citizens and U.S. EPA officials. U.S. EPA Region V official in charge of permitting the WTI incinerator, Bill Muno, said that EPA chose not to revoke WTI's permit because he "had to treat (EPA's) constituents (the permitholders) in a fair and equitable manner." He admitted that EPA knew, at the time of permit issuance in 1983, that CCPA was the facility landowner and should be included on the permit. Mr. Skinner's 1983 memo: "Landowner Signature on Part A" makes it clear that the landowner must sign the permit. Additionally, his memo states: "A permit writer who accepts a signature that he knows is false or incorrect and whose conduct is fraudulent under applicable State or Federal law, may be guilty of fraud." Bill Muno was the WTI permit writer. Mr. Muno admitted he was aware from the beginning that the landowner was not the same as the facility owner. Mr. Muno knowingly accepted the WTI permit without the required landowner signature.
Oct 27, 1991COLUMBUS -- Citizens post "For Sale" signs at Ohio Governor George Voinovich's mansion.
Oct 22, 1991COLUMBUS -- Citizens issue "wanted" notice for Ohio Governor George Voinovich.
Oct 16, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- "The governed begin to withhold their consent and 34 are arrested in Ohio," Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly
Oct 13, 1991 EAST LIVERPOOL -- 1500 people attend peaceful, nonviolent rally to protest WTI. Thirty-two Ohio Valley residents and taxpaying Ohio landowner and actor Martin Sheen are arrested after climbing the fence separating WTI from the access road.
Sep 24, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- Citizens block EPA hearing after holding a 'funeral for democracy.'
Sep 23, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- Citizens boycott joint U.S. EPA/Ohio EPA public information meeting.
Sep 17, 1991CHICAGO, IL -- U.S. EPA letter to Ohio EPA saying that the Aug 30, 1991 revisions did not satisfy U.S. EPA's guidance on limiting the potential to emit greater than major source thresholds.
Sep 9, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- U.S. EPA roundtable meeting with citizens. U.S. EPA Combustion Engineer Wen Huang admits that the addition of the spray dryer would have increased the harmful toxic emissions but that WTI had "completely reengineered the whole system." This was the first time that the citizens were made aware of these changes. This "reengineering" and redesigning took place after the public hearing on the spray dryer and without any formal application or approval as mandated by EPA regulations.
Sep 4, 1991Subsequent to a Feb 28, 1991 Freedom of Information Request, citizens were denied two-thirds of the WTI file. This decision was appealed on Oct 23, 1991. U.S. EPA responded on Nov 7, 1991 acknowledging the appeal. A second appeal was written on Jun 27, 1992 without response from the U.S. EPA.
Aug 21, 1991COLUMBUS -- Ohio EPA classifies WTI's Apr 12, 1991 permit change request as revisions. WTI's requested changes of Jul 9, 1990 and Apr 12, 1991 constitute "modifications", "not revisions" and should have been sent to the Ohio Hazardous Waste Facility Board (OHWFB) for review under Section 3734.05 (I) (1). If these requests had been correctly classified as modifications, the permit would have been reviewed by the OHWFB. The Board would have had to consider Ohio's new Siting Criteria of Aug 1984 which prohibits any hazardous waste facility from being located within 2000 feet from any residence, school, hospital, or prison, or within the 100 year floodplain. WTI is built 300 feet from residences, 1100 feet from an elementary school with 400 school children and in the 100 year flood plain. The EPA would also have been forced by Federal Law to reconsider the suitability of the WTI site. According to 40 CFR 270.41(c), the suitability of facility location will be considered at the time of permit modification if new information or standards indicate a threat to human health and the environment exists which was unknown at the time of permit issuance. Expert testimony that the addition of the spray dryer would increase harmful emissions should have forced EPA to address the siting under federal law, yet they broke the rules again and did not consider suitability of the WTI site.
Aug, 1991Center for Hazrdous Materials Research reports WTI is safe.
Jul 29, 1991CHICAGO, IL -- The U.S. EPA writes to the Ohio EPA warning them again that the violations of the permit for Prevention of Significant Deterioration requirements had not been corrected.
Jul 23, 1991CHIGAGO, IL -- Record of a Telephone Conversation between U.S. EPA Region V and the Office of Congressman Rick Santorum in which inquiries are made about the WTI permit status and concerns about WTI violating source thresholds. "Bill (McDowall) and David (Kee) are both concerned about what the Congressman knows."
Jun 29, 1991COLUMBUS -- Two week long statewide anti-incineration march to Columbus, organized by Greenpeace, ends in a rally on the State House steps.
Jun 16, 1991VANCOUVER, BC -- In a presentation to the 84th annual meeting of the Air and Waste Management Association, Von Roll engineer Alfred Sigg writes:
"Mercury remains to be a problem pollutant especially at installations which use a spray dryer to dispose of scrubber blowdown. Other facilities with similar arrangements have experienced similar problems. The mercury is readily removed in the wet scrubber. However the recirculation of the scrubber blowdown to the spray dryer causes mercury to revolatilize. This causes the mercury to concentrate in the scrubber/spray dryer loop and eventually drives the emission rates up to levels similar to the uncontrolled rates."
This confirms the findings of Dr. Paul Connett and Dr. Michael McCawley as presented at the Jan 17, 1991 Ohio EPA public hearing on the spray dryer, that the addition of the spray dryer would increase harmful toxic emissions.
June 4, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- Actor Martin Sheen arrives for a three-state support visit.
May 24, 1991COLUMBUS -- The Ohio EPA approves the addition of the spray dryer to the Ohio EPA Air Pollution Permit.
May 15, 1991WASHINGTON, DC -- Memo concerning the WTI Ohio EPA Air Pollution Permit from William McDowell to George Zerniak, both of U.S. EPA Air Enforcement Branch, states: "The purpose of this memorandum is to call your attention to an apparent violation of the Federal Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations and the Ohio State Implementation Plan as it applies to new sources in non attainment areas." "[T]he permit is invalid as written ..." "[T]hat original permit may have legally expired since construction had apparently not begun until after 1987. Therefore, I recommend that the Enforcement Section investigate this case for possible Federal violations and appropriate enforcement action."
May 5, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- 1,500 people attend a "Hands Across the River" rally.
May, 1991COLUMBUS -- A draft Contingency Plan lists Von Roll (Ohio), Inc. as the operator of the WTI facility.
Apr 22, 1991COLUMBUS -- WTI submits revised hazardous waste facility permit application, in conjunction with proposed changes, including the addition of the spray dryer, to the Ohio Hazardous Waste permit, listing Von Roll (Ohio), Inc. as the sole operator, even though WTI had made no formal requests to change the permit to reflect this change in operational control.
Apr 12, 1991COLUMBUS -- WTI files request for nine more changes to its Ohio EPA Hazardous Installation and Operation permit. On Jan 30, 1991, several months after commencement of construction the Ohio EPA issued a notice of violation with respect to four construction permit violations. in response, WTI filed the Apr 12, 1991 permit change request to change the requirements it had violated.
Mar 18, 1991BERN, SWITZERLAND -- Investigations being conducted into Von Roll AG for illegal supplies of war material to Iraq. The Upper House of Parliament authorizes public prosecution proceedings and orders a preliminary examination by the investigating magistrate.
Jan 30, 1991COLUMBUS -- WTI cited by Ohio EPA for four construction violations:
  • Failure to elevate site to required 695 feet prior to construction.
  • Failure to meet the required 3000 lbs per square foot load bearing capacity prior to construction.
  • Failure to construct an earthen berm around perimeter of site.
  • Failure to notify EPA of noncompliance with conditions of permit.
Jan 17, 1991EAST LIVERPOOL -- Ohio EPA holds a public hearing regarding the permit change request for the Ohio EPA Air Pollution permit to add the spray dryer. Dr. Paul Connet testifies at the hearing on his first visit to East Liverpool. Experts testify that the addition of the spray dryer will increase the harmful toxic emissions, especially mercury, emitted from the WTI stack.
Jan 2, 1991Memorandum from the Allegheny County Health Department Bureau of Air Pollution Control. For 1990, there were 206 days with inversions, or 69% of all days.
Jan, 1991Tri-State Environmental Council is formed.