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Published Wednesday, August 16, 2000,
in the Akron Beacon Journal.


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Ohio incinerator foes in L.A. to oppose Gore

Environmentalists from East Liverpool, Ohio, are determined to tell the nation that Al Gore was blowing smoke in 1992.

That's when Gore was campaigning for vice president and promised to shut down a Waste Technologies Industries hazardous waste incinerator in the Ohio River town.

The incinerator is still burning hot, and so are the opponents.

So hot, in fact, that they have been working the crowds outside the convention looking for someone willing to turn over a pass to get inside the building, according to Alonzo Spencer, one of the opponents.

Spencer is still in East Liverpool, but he is communicating with Terri Swearingen, another leader, who is in Los Angeles and has organized WTI opponents from California and some Greenpeace members.

Some managed to obtain credentials and get into the observers' balcony on Monday, but they were not able to show any signs or make any statements, Spencer said.

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