Jan 7, 2004:
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Southside Columbus neighbors
defeat tire-melting project

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Columbus South Side neighbors are celebrating today over yesterday's defeat of a proposed tire-melting project.

Neighbor Juanita Kauffman explains:

Speaker Kauffman clip 1: "I worked with a lot of the people, I went to different churches around and different people in the neighborhood telling them about it and taking petitions around to be signed and attended all the meetings I believe that we had," (14 seconds, 237 KB).

Speaker Kauffman clip 2: "I live in the area not too far from where the plant was going to be and I know how dangerous it is and how many fumes and everything we got from the trash burning plant," (11 seconds, 185 KB).

Speaker Kauffman clip 3: "I found that you can't work singularly, you have to work in a group. people can come out on top if they all work together, you can accomplish a lot," (10 seconds, 170 KB).

Simona Vaclavikova [VAH-SLAV-EEK-OH-VAH] is the Columbus Director for the state's largest environmental group, Ohio Citizen Action:

Speaker Vaclavikova clip 1: ""Not only the neighbors but all of Ohio Citizen Action's members and supporters, we put together such an enormous powerful pressure that a few months into the campaign we're standing victorious," (13 seconds, 211 KB).

Vaclavikova said that neighbors kept up the pressure on the Solid Waste Authority's director, Mike Long:

Speaker Vaclavikova clip 2: "Our members and supporters wrote approximately 4,000 letters to Mike Long over this very short period of time, about 5 months, and we submitted about 14,000 signatures from our members and supporters and residents in central Ohio to oppose this project," (14 seconds, 229 KB).

For more information or an interview, please contact Simona Vaclavikova, Columbus Area Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action, (614) 263-4111.