Proposed tire-melting facility

October 21, 2003
Simona Vaclavikova, Columbus Program Director
Ohio Citizen Action (614) 263-4111

Ohio EPA informational meeting
Franklin Woods Intermediate School, Columbus

"Where there's smoke, there's fire." In case of the proposed tire-melting facility on Southside of Columbus: Where there's fire, there's smoke.

The Southside neighbors are being told that melting 10,000 tires a day in their neighborhood will emit very little pollution and will not cause any odor nuisance. It will miraculously turn 'garbage into gold', make a huge profit, and turn Columbus into the tire-melting capital of the world.

All these promises are being made on behalf of the experimental technology that has not proven to work. Quite the contrary, it's been proven not to work for more than two decades.

What's the promise to the community? 8 million tires a year melted in the neighborhood, thousands of tires stored on site, increased truck traffic, accumulation of hazardous waste and by-products, and increased air pollution. And you can bet it will stink.

Details aside, no matter how much pollution it is, it's already too much. The Southside community already has the worst air quality in the city and the infamous legacy of the old trash burning power plant still hangs over the area as a ghost. This time, the community and the environmental groups respond in unity, loud and clear, "No, thank you. Do not even think about it."