What is this?

August 6, 2003

Beatrice Miringu, Toledo area director
Ohio Citizen Action

liquid jetSunoco's Toledo Refinery has been routinely spraying their neighbors with an unknown liquid.

On Monday, August 4, between 1:25 pm and 1:45 pm, resident Sherry Gardner photographed this spraying from her front yard on Reswick Street near the refinery tank farm. According to Ms. Gardner, the liquid jet shot very high and the mist soaked her yard, the section of the street near her house, and her neighbors yard. The huge Sunoco Tank Number 408, adjacent the open-water pond, was faintly visible (see photo to the right). Other residents could see the jet towering above houses and trees from Burnside Street.

In the past, during such spraying, residents have seen fire trucks and security personnel on-site, but not on Monday.

In Monday's incident, neighborhood children, amused by this display, moved closer for a better view. Their outdoor play slides were completely soaked.

After a recently spraying, Sunoco personnel showed up at Ms. Gardner's house to collect various samples, including leaves, dust from her air filter, and dust from her coffee table.

Nearby residents want to know what chemicals are in this liquid. If it were just water, why the fire trucks? Why the security personnel? Why take samples from residents homes?