Sunoco Refinery

What's it like to work near Sunoco?
Listen to the voices of people who know

February 13, 2004
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Here's Anita Laporte, who lives in Oregon and worked at a lab near the refinery:

Speaker Laporte clip 1: "At the time I started working there I was not sick at all, didn't have any health problems. It was in a matter of days that I started experiencing brain fog and bad headaches and fatigue, just rare problems," (11.26 sec, 178 KB).

Speaker Laporte clip 2: "A lot of people from the neighborhood came into the lab and they were so much sicker than people in other parts of town, because we have labs all over town," (10.14 sec, 160 KB).

Speaker Laporte clip 3: "My children were also attending an elementary school about a block away from the refinery and the children in the school were having a lot of symptoms. The principalís office had a whole drawer full of asthma inhalers," (10.8 sec, 170 KB).

Speaker Laporte clip 4: "There were times that we passed out or that patients passed out, afterwards we were told that they had a hydrogen sulfide leak at the refinery and they also had a benzene leak at the time," (9.3 sec, 147 KB).

Shirley Jacobs worked with Anita Laporte at Path Labs, directly across the street from the Sunoco refinery. She now lives in New Jersey.

Speaker Jacobs clip 1: "Never really thinking about any hazards, assuming that the EPA are monitoring this factory and I found out that wasn't the case," (10.86 sec, 159 KB).

Speaker Jacobs clip 2: "Sun was required to monitor themselves and how much they were or were not putting out as far as letting the public know, I have no idea about," (9.8 sec, 154 KB).

Speaker Jacobs clip 3: "After doing a lot of homework, Anita and I both found out that there were many leakages way above and beyond what was going on," (10.74 sec, 169 KB).

Speaker Jacobs clip 4: "I developed breast cancer, had to have a mastectomy and developed of course chemical sensitivity, very closely related to petroleum-based products," (11.01 sec, 174 KB).

Speaker Jacobs clip 5: "Even today, I find that I'm still having medical problems, thyroid being one of them, of course the chemical sensitivity, fatigue. . . " (10.59 sec, 167 KB).