Cincinnati Specialties: What's the problem?
Neighbors have been concerned about toxic air emissions from Cincinnati Specialties for years. On May 3, 1999 the Hamilton county Department of Environmental Services cited Cincinnati Specialties' violation of Ohio pollution permitting law for almost 20 years.

In August 1998, neighborhood representatives took the first-ever citizens tour of Cincinnati Specialties and met with company officials. Three subsequent meetings with facility representatives and citizens have been held and thousands of area residents have written to the company about:

Chlorine storage

There have been many accidental releases of chlorine from Cincinnati Specialties. The company should invest in safety devices such as an enclosed building and automatic shut-off valves to reduce the risks of a leak reaching the neighborhood.

Toxic air emissions and odors

Cincinnati Specialties flavoring processes smell. The company releases 128,000 pounds of toxics to the air each year. Neighbors want Cincinnati Specialties to eliminate toxic air emissions and odors.

Methanol waste

Methanol is both a product and a waste generated by Cincinnati Specialties. Exposure can hurt the chances of a fetus to devlelop into a sexually mature adult or hinder child development. Cincinnati Specialties releases 1,638,000 pounds of methanol waste into the air and municipal sewers a year. Cincinnati Specialties has built a methanol recovery unit, but it is not working up to standard. The company should invest time and money to get this unit operating at its full capacity, and find less toxic chemicals to substitute whenever possible.