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Letter to U.S. EPA:
Investigate Ohio EPA actions
on Marion school contamination

Mr. David Ullrich
Acting Regional Administrator
U.S. EPA Region V
77 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60604

February 26, 1999

Dear Mr. Ullrich:

This letter requests that the U.S. EPA begin an immediate investigation of Ohio EPA's actions and lack of actions surrounding the River Valley School grounds in Marion, Ohio. This letter also requests that the U.S. EPA use its authority under RCRA to respond to imminent and substantial endangerment and evacuate and close the River Valley Schools until the investigation is complete and the site cleaned up.

The specific allegations we would like the U.S. EPA to investigate are the following:

  1. That the Ohio EPA has withheld information about this contaminated site;

  2. That the Ohio EPA failed to warn the public about imminent danger to their health and the environment;

  3. That the Ohio EPA failed to act to protect the public by refusing to evacuate the school; and

  4. That Ohio EPA has unfairly sought retribution against a staff member, Paul Jayko, who was giving information to the community and who has now received whistleblower protection.

Please notify us immediately of the U.S. EPA's plan of action.


Teresa Mills, Buckeye Environmental Network

Lois Gibbs, Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Harvey Wasserman, Citizens Protecting Ohio

Linda Linder, Concerned Citizens of Bellevue

Stuart Greenberg, Environmental Health Watch

Kathleen Geathers, Greater Cleveland Coaliton for a Clean Environment

Pauline Leboda, Lorain County Neighbors Protecting Our Environment

Cheryl Patzer, Neighbors Protecting Our Environment

Dennis Becker, Ohio B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation

Marilyn Wall, Ohio Chapter Sierra Club Conservation Chair

David Scott, Ohio Chapter Sierra Club Executive Committee Chair

Noreen Warnock, Ohio Citizen Action

Amy Simpson, Ohio Public Interest Research Group

Robert McCance, Rivers Unlimited

Heather Cantino, Rural Action

Glenn Landers, Sierra Club Great Lakes Program

Terry Swearingen, Tri State Environmental Council