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Howard Jones letter to
Director Nick Baird, Ohio Department of Health
on the threat to River Valley students


October 9, 2000

Howard L. Jones
739 Northhampton Court
Delaware, Ohio 43015

J. Nick Baird, M.D., Director
Ohio Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0118

Dear Sir:

I am contacting you again since I have received no reply as of this date to the previous letter I sent you.

I feel that as the father of a student who is attending River Valley High School in Marion County, I am entitled to a clarification of your agency’s position that there is "no immediate threat" to the health of the students at the school. This was the written position of your agency in conjunction with the Ohio EPA in the letter dated August 15, 2000 that was sent to Mr. Thomas Shade, Superintendent of River Valley.

Again I must insist that you elaborate on this "no immediate threat" phrase.

Is there a risk to the health of the students from long term exposure from the chemical contamination in the campus area? Is your agency taking the position that you can only assure the Superintendent that there are no health risks that would cause, in the short term, adverse health impacts on the students? If this is so, then please explain to me what are the possible health risks the students may be subject to if they spend several years at the campus due to the chemical contamination.

Thank you.


Howard L. Jones

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