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Response to Jayko v. Ohio EPA decision
Mike Griffith, Concerned River Valley Families


October 5, 2000

This has been a David and Goliath type of battle and David has won. Truth, honesty, and professionalism have prevailed. Congratulations to Paul Jayko and his attorney Dennis Muchnicki. The real winners here are the citizens of Marion, especially the children at River Valley Middle and High Schools.

Christopher Jones, this deception on the people of Marion needs to stop right here, right now. This abhorrent abuse of the system and taxpayer's dollars is transparent to anyone that takes the time to examine the record.

The mission of the EPA is to serve and protect the citizens of this great state. The Ohio EPA has dishonorably betrayed that trust.

Governor Taft, I implore you to stop this farce now. No more appeals! It is time the Inspector General takes a detailed look at this situation. Children's lives depend on it. Also, Bertram Frey, who is conducting the U.S. EPA's review of the Ohio EPA, needs to see the information gathered by citizens that document the misdeeds and cover-ups committed by this agency.

When the River Valley investigation began, Governor Voinovich mandated that "no stone be left unturned". Paul Jayko took this mandate seriously and tried to do a thorough, protective job. He never lost sight that children's health and well-being was at stake. He ran into resistance at every turn. A scientific investigation quickly turned into a political action with an intended outcome. This intended outcome stated that the cause of the cancer problems at RV would never be found. The stones that needed to be overturned would soon become a stone wall, a fortress shielding the truth FROM the citizens of Marion. This served to lull the school and the community into apathy, for they so desperately wanted to believe the situation was safe and everything was OK.

As this so-called investigation was forced to continue by citizen's efforts, the contamination problems became more and more profound. But the need to downplay and belittle the analytical results became necessary to fulfill the Manifest Destiny that became the agency's cause.

Soon, the cries from parents who were following the situation fell on deaf ears. Scores of letters of concern remain unanswered to this day. It is time that our elected officials open their eyes and their ears and stop this travesty now! History is already repeating itself with the Ohio EPA and anyone who shows concern. Dr. Bruce Molholt and J.R. Kolmer, two independent experts hired with federal funds to review the Remedial Investigation, have voiced serious concerns regarding the investigation and the children's safety. They were fired because of their concerns. The Ohio EPA accuses them of using "bad science" to reach their decisions. Wake Up! The "bad science" they reviewed was the Ohio EPA's and Army's own data!! This insidious trend of removing anyone who does not declare "it is safe" despite the evidence to the contrary must stop!

Christopher Jones and Governor Taft: Relocate the children immediately!