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Response to Jayko v. Ohio EPA decision
Simona Vaclavikova, Ohio Citizen Action


October 5, 2000

Today is a bleak day in Ohio. Not only because it is cold and rainy but bleak because of the ruling handed down by federal judge Thomas Phalen. This ruling unveils the scandal at Ohio EPA. It shows there was a massive cover-up of facts in the Marion river valley schools case that needed to be brought forth but was knowingly squelched by Ohio EPA.

Ohio EPA conspired to ruin the career of a loyal EPA employee who wanted to do his job. We are pleased that justice has been served and Paul Jayko will be reinstated in his job as site investigator of the Marion case.

Today we call on Governor Bob Taft to immediately relocate River Valley schools. The credibility of the investigation that has been done is seriously flawed. We have no confidence in the data that has been collected without Paul Jayko's oversight. The children at river valley cannot be allowed to stay in this school while another investigation is done. It is too much of a risk.

We also want Governor Taft to show the people of Ohio that he stands with them by committing not to appeal this decision. We want Governor Taft to stop throwing money away on needless appeals--instead use that money to relocate the schools.

We also call on the voters of Ohio to vote no on Issue 1. Issue 1 money and administrative powers should not be given to an agency that has lost the trust of the people of Ohio.

Ohio Citizen Action strongly supports this ruling in favor of Paul Jayko and against Ohio EPA. We want a thorough investigation of this case and the agency cleaned up. Governor Taft, what are you going to do? Sweep this scandal under the rug or clean house at Ohio EPA?