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Posted at 9:12 a.m. EDT Tuesday, September 14, 1999


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Company hired by River Valley schools finds no excessive radiation

MARION, Ohio (AP) -- Environmental engineers hired by the River Valley School District to check the high school and middle school grounds for radiation reported they found nothing unusual.

The district decided to have its own survey done after allegations surfaced that earlier testing done for a study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was flawed.

Gerald R. Myers, vice president of Metcalf & Eddy of Ohio, told school officials in a letter that the radiological survey of school buildings, athletic fields, parking areas and open space on the campus east of Marion found no excessive levels of radiation.

However, he said that does not rule out the possibility of low-level soil contamination or buried radioactive materials.

State and federal agencies have been taking air, soil and water samples at the school grounds looking for the cause of a higher-than-normal number or cases of leukemia among River Valley graduates.

The schools sit atop a former Army depot where solvents and other toxic chemicals were dumped.

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