October 2, 2007
Terry Fedor
Mittal Steel Cleveland Works
3060 Eggers Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44105

Dear Terry Fedor,

Dr. Paul Nickerson

As a retired internist of the Cleveland Clinic, I now have time to pursue medical issues that I previously never had time to contemplate. Although I am not a pulmonary or cardiology specialist my medical background makes me familiar with these fields and the medical aspects between air pollution and health. Earlier epidemiological studies have shown a link between air pollution and cardiovascular disease and death, even in those without a prior history of heart disease. Now researchers at Northwestern University have shown in an article just published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, a prestigious medical journal, that air pollution particles cause hyperclotting in animals by triggering inflammation in the lungs. The lungs then secrete a substance that promotes blood clotting and would increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke in predisposed people.

As you well know lots of studies have shown a connection between air pollution and various health issues but the direct cause and effect is usually not provable. In this case this finding may be the crucial answer of how air pollution can cause such events.  

I hope you bring this letter to the attention of those who are responsible for making the difficult judgments of deciding when and how much air pollution reduction is needed for the Cleveland plant as well as all Mittal Steel facilties.



Dr. Paul Nickerson
2407 South Belvoir Blvd.
University Heights, OH 44118