Lakshmi Mittal, CEO
ArcelorMittal Steel
Berkeley Square House, 7th Floor
Berkeley Square
London W1J 6DA

Dear Mr. Mittal,

I am writing on behalf of Ohio Citizen Action. I have recently read about your purchase of Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group. These two companies are located in central Appalachia where coal companies have been using mountaintop removal to extract coal.

Mountaintop removal literally blows off the tops of mountains, not only destroying the trees and plants of the mountaintops, but also sending toxic coal sludge into the streams below. This contaminates the water and has also caused the rivers to flood, wiping out bridges and homes. The sludge contains coal dust, clay and toxic chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, and chromium that will eventually empty into the Ohio River, from which millions of Ohioans get their drinking water. Four hundred and seventy mountains have been destroyed in this manner and no real reclamation is possible. Most sites receive little more than a spraying of exotic grass seed. It will take hundreds or thousands of years to re-grow a forest on the headless mined mountain.

Do Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group use mountaintop removal to mine their coal? If so, does ArcelorMittal plan to continue using mountaintop removal as the new owner of Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group? I can be reached at the email or phone listed below.


Emily Mastroianni