11. Brayton Ave. All the time. I see dust. I smell rotten eggs. I feel burning eyes, nose and throat and skin irritation. Every time I park on Jefferson there is a very thick layer of dust on my car and any other car that parks on Jefferson Ave. between West 7th and West 3rd. As an experiment I washed my truck at my home on Brayton Ave., then went and parked at my motherís house on Jefferson Ave. between 6th and 7th Street. Within one half hour my truck had a layer of what can only be described as sooty dust. If you try to wipe this dust off, it leaves scratches where the dust was thus ruining your paint job. If this is on our cars imagine what we are breathing into our lungs daily. Every time I return to Tremont thatís how I know Iím home, the rotten smell greets me on every return trip. I have been affected by all of the above on any given day depending on the winds direction that day. The smells have even caused asthma attacks in my nephew.