Dec 23: Northeast Ohio exceeds U.S. limits for soot
EPA lists 27 counties that violate tighter rules

AKRON -- "Northeast Ohio has not complied with tighter federal limits on microscopic soot from coal-burning power plants, diesel-powered and gasoline-powered vehicles and factories. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday named all or part of 211 counties across the United States — including 27 counties in Ohio — for failing to meet the standards in the federal Clean Air Act. Area counties with tiny soot or particulate problems resulting in unhealthy air are Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark, Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Trumbull and Mahoning. Also failing are five counties around Columbus, four in the Cincinnati area, three around Dayton and six Ohio River counties," Bob Downing, Akron Beacon Journal.

Dec 12: Point of View:
Steeling ourselves for alternatives

Mittal Steel stock prices

ArcelorMittal Steel stock prices, July - Dec 2008.

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- "Arguments about the future of the automobile industry overlook the problem of steel supplies. Americans need a substitute for steel almost as much as we need a substitute for oil. . .The only realistic alternative to steel that we know about is carbon nanofibers (nanotubes and nanofilms). These nanofibers are an interlocking network of carbon atoms that can be made very strong. Current research suggests that they could be made large enough to replace steel, but they are expensive and more work is needed to determine their practicality. We need to spend money on this research. It is ridiculous for our government to tell us that the economy can be saved only if people buy more stuff if all they can buy is made abroad," John J.W. Rogers, Raleigh News and Observer.

Energy guru Lovins to carmakers: Time for big bets, "Cars can be made half as heavy as they are today by using composite materials such as light but strong carbon fiber, a choice that gives manufacturers more flexibility and reduces costs in production. 'Lightweighting' lowers the engineering bar for alternative powertrain technologies as well, he argues. With less weight to haul around, expensive batteries can be smaller and fuel cell vehicles become feasible," CNET, December 5, 2008.

Dec 9: USA TODAY ranks 79 Ohio schools among nation's most dangerous for toxic air pollution

Mound Elementary, located close to Mittal Steel in Cleveland, was named in the nation's top percentile for dangerous air pollution.

CLEVELAND -- "USA TODAY used an EPA model to track the path of industrial pollution and mapped the locations of almost 128,000 schools to determine the levels of toxic chemicals outside. The potential problems that emerged were widespread, insidious, and largely unaddressed. The newspaper posted individual school rankings as well as data from air monitoring conducted at 95 locations," Ohio Citizen Action.

CLEVELAND -- Northeast Ohio: Local schools among nation's leaders in toxic air, WKYC.

Dec 8: Mittal Steel suspends production, pollution
Ohio Citizen Action suspends canvassing on Mittal pollution

Begins canvassing on proposed AMP Ohio coal plant

CLEVELAND -- "During the idle at the Mittal Steel Cleveland Works facility, neighbors and workers will be breathing in millions of pounds fewer of pollutants like fine particles, manganese, and sulfur dioxide. Already neighbors have noticed a lack of rotten egg odors, night-time noises, and build up of soot at their homes... The current break in production and pollution is an opportunity to discuss how to establish a working relationship between Mittal Steel managers and its neighbors. Ohio Citizen Action and Neighbors of Mittal Steel have decided to suspend our good neighbor campaign during the period while the mill is idled," Letter to ArcelorMittal CEO Lakshmi Mittal, Liz Ilg, Cleveland Area Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Dec 5: ArcelorMittal to lay off 340 Cleveland steelworkers

steel layoffs
Steelworkers cross the grounds of ArcelorMittal's steel plant in the Flats. Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer.

CLEVELAND -- "In the latest blow from the global economic downturn, 340 ArcelorMittal steelworkers will lose their jobs by week's end, a result of steel orders that have reached a low ebb worldwide. An additional 110 hourly workers voluntarily accepted layoffs, bringing to 450 the number of United Steelworkers union members idled. 'Nobody's buying steel, so it doesn't make sense to make it and let is just sit there,' said Dan Boone, 55, who has worked at the plant for 36 years under various owners. Republic Steel once operated the facility, then LTV and now the world's largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, based in Luxembourg," Frank Bentayou, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Dec 4: Neighbors of Mittal Steel in Bosnia Herzegovina protest pollution and lack of heat

pollution protest

ZENICA, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA -- "Neighbors of the Mittal steel mill in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina protested this week against pollution from the steel mill and lack of heating.  The heating system in Zenica depends on the power stations owned by Mittal Steel.  Protestors say that Mittal and the Zenica district government are to blame that the heat is still not turned back on, despite their promise to have it on by December 1.  The 150,000 people living and working in Zenica have gone without heat for one month.  Schools in Zenica closed last week, and will continue to be closed this week," Tarik Mujacic, neighbor of Mittal Steel in Zenica.

Dec 3: Break from smells and noise for Tremont neighbor

CLEVELAND -- "From where I live in Tremont, I haven't noticed the loud noises or smells lately. Almost daily this past summer, I used to smell rotten egg odors multiple times a week. But we haven't been smelling them in the last several weeks. I would also get very frequent headaches, which have also seemed to have subsided. We also haven't heard the loud horns and jet engine noises at night," Phil Pavarinni, Tremont neighbor and leader in the Neighbors of Mittal Steel group.

Dec 1: ArcelorMittal to cut 9,000 jobs

LONDON, UK -- "ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, said Thursday it may cut as many as 9,000 jobs, or 3 percent of its global workforce after reducing output as demand slumped. The job cuts, in sales and administration, are part of the company's bid to cut expenditure by $1 billion, the Luxembourg- based company said... 'This has been a difficult decision to take,' the executive vice president, Bernard Fontana, said in the statement. 'The global economic reality means that it is only sensible to adopt such measures,'" Bloomberg News.Published November 27.

BRUSSELS, Belgium --Cutting 6000 jobs in ArcelorMittal in Europe is totally unacceptable, press release, European Metalworkers Federation. Published November 28.

Nov 25: Mittal Steel responds to councilwoman Jennifer Mahnic

CLEVELAND -- "Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your concerns and want to assure you that at ArcelorMittal Cleveland, we are both mindful of the environment and attentive to questions from our neighbors across Greater Cleveland. While we're never satisfied and are constantly looking for ways to improve, the fact is that the Cleveland plant emits far less than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency allows. Since 2002 we have spent $156 million on environmental improvements, and particulate matter in the area surrounding the plant, as measured by the city of Cleveland, continues to decline," Terry Fedor, General Manager, ArcelorMittal Cleveland.

Nov 25: ArcelorMittal may lay off 2,400 in Indiana

CLEVELAND -- "ArcelorMittal and United Steelworkers Local 979 said the partial-pay layoffs that began at its Cleveland operations earlier this month are still voluntary, although the world's largest steelmaker said today that it will lay off up to 2,444 workers at its Burns Harbor, Ind., plant in January. 'Potential workforce reductions are a direct result of the extraordinary economic environment we are facing and the company hopes to return workers to their jobs as market conditions warrant,' ArcelorMittal said in a written statement. ArcelorMittal has reduced North American production by 40 percent, including idling both of Cleveland's blast furnaces," Sarah Hollander, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Nov 14: Recession Reports
ArcelorMittal suspends purchase of ferro-alloys

Cleveland mill
An aerial view of ArcelorMittal's Cleveland mill.

LONDON, UK -- "Platts reported that ArcelorMittal vide a letter dated November 11th 2008 has told its ferroalloys suppliers that it will not accept any more deliveries of ferroalloys until further notice....The letter added that 'Until December, operations at around 20 of ArcelorMittal's 28 blast furnaces in Europe would be curtailed and a similar situation existed at its facilities in the rest of the world. We do not know how long this situation will last,'" SteelGuru.

Nov 13: Report Reviews
ArcelorMittal 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report

quote LONDON, UK -- "ArcelorMittal feels able to talk about health and safety challenges, but environmental concerns are conspicuous by their absence from its first corporate responsibility report. In its first formal responsibility report, ArcelorMittal, the steel giant formed two years ago through the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel, provides a frank assessment of the current state of its corporate responsibility strategy, measurement and assurance," Ethical Corporation Magazine.

Nov 4: Bosnia neighbors of Mittal Steel watch Cleveland documentary 'Mittal Steel: Clean Up for Real'

ZENICA, Bosnia Herzegovina -- "On Friday, twenty neighbors of Mittal Steel's mill in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina, met at Club 072 to discuss the pollution problems from the Zenica mill and to see the short documentary 'Mittal Steel: Clean Up for Real,' detailing the pollution problems from Mittal Steel in Cleveland, Ohio. The group met through the online campaign 'E-Doze', initiated by organizer Tarik Mujacic, and plans to continue to work together to get Mittal to clean up. Among those present at Club 072 were the current Minister of Health and his colleagues, medical professionals, journalists, and Hasan Kreho, ArcelorMittal worker and organizer of previous protests in Zenica on pollution from ArcelorMittal," Liz Ilg, Cleveland Area Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Nov 3: Local steelworkers offered voluntary layoffs after blast furnaces idled

CLEVELAND -- "The ArcelorMittal plant in Cleveland will not be making steel for the rest of the year according to the president of the local steelworkers union. 'In the 38 years that I've worked in this plant, other than when we went out of business, we have never idled...all the blast furnaces,' said Mark Granakis, president of Local 979 of the United Steelworkers of America. The blast furnaces produce molten iron that is turned into steel. Union officials for the steelworkers said the poor global economy and the credit crisis has led to the cancelations of orders for tons of steel," WKYC. Published November 1.

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland steel plant halts production as ArcelorMittal plans to layoff, All Headline News. Published November 2.

Oct 30: Objects to noise from steel makers

mittal noise

CLEVELAND -- "The noise these companies make is too much at night. They keep people up at night. There have been 350 complaints about this. The machines start at 10 at night and continue running. Please inform the people what is going on. Maybe the officials in Newburgh Heights will get going on this. We need to quiet the noise. It keeps getting louder. Please do something by printing this letter," Paulette Mehalko, letter to the editor, Neighborhood News.

Oct 20: ArcelorMittal to idle blast furnaces; drop in orders cited

CLEVELAND -- "Both blast furnaces at ArcelorMittal's Cleveland operations are likely to be idled in the next week or two as the company responds to a drastic drop in orders, according to the local steelworkers union. 'That means we won't be making any iron, so we won't be making any steel,' said Mark Granakis, president of Local 979 of the United Steelworkers of America. The length of the closure will depend on business, but should last at least through the end of the year, he said," Sarah Hollander, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Oct 20: Mittal Steel: Cleveland public school kids need clean air

Tremont Montessori near Mittal Steel is among the schools receiving new equipment.
CLEVELAND -- "Last week I got Mittal Steel's Fall 2008 community newsletter in the mail. On the front page there is an article talking about a grant they are giving to three Cleveland schools. I called down to Mittal Steel to ask them how money for computers and other equipment is really going to help the kids at these schools if they are breathing in dirty air that can make them sick. Rich Zavoda from Mittal Steel called me back but he didn't seem to have any answers about putting out less pollution in Cleveland," Donna Levandowski, neighbor of Mittal Steel on Independence Road, leader in the Neighbors of Mittal Steel group. CLEVELAND -- Impact of ArcelorMittal cuts on Cleveland unclear, Frank Bentayou, Cleveland Plain Dealer. Published October 17.

Arcelor Mittal Zenica Bosnia in October

Arcelor Mittal Bosnia
Mittal Steel in Bosnia.

Sep 29: Chicago's toxic air
Chicago-area residents face some of the highest risk of getting sick from pollution, but the EPA isn't making it widely known

Mittal Steel Indiana
Haze looms over Mittal Steel in Indiana.

CHICAGO, IL -- "Some of the polluters are highly visible, including the sprawling Mittal Steel plant in Riverdale and the Corn Products refinery in Bedford Park. Others are metal plating shops and chemical makers tucked away in low, nondescript buildings on the edges of residential neighborhoods where people might not know of the potential risks. Minority neighborhoods have been hit hardest, from the mostly Latino enclave of Pilsen to mostly black communities on the city's South and West Sides. Of the Top 50 polluters in Cook County in 2005, 60 percent are where black or Latino residents outnumber whites.," Michael Hawthorne and Darnell Little, Chicago Tribune.

Sep 17: Broadview Heights councilwoman Jennifer Mahnic writes Mittal Steel

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS -- "I am writing on behalf of numerous residents with concerns on the environmental performance of Mittal Steel in Cleveland, Ohio. Several Broadview Heights residents, through the Ohio Citizen Action group, have raised concerns regarding the level of pollutants and pollution reduction technology being used at the facility. As an elected official, I have a responsibility to follow up with the concerns of my constituents... What commitments have been made to reduce pollution, including upgrading pollution prevention equipment technology, in the past year?," Jennifer Mahnic, City Council At-Large, Broadview Heights.

Sep 15: Akron council president urges Mittal Steel to clean up

AKRON -- "Mr. Fedor: It has been brought to my attention from a number of my constituents that your facility is polluting the air and water with fine particles, sulfur dioxide and heavy metals. Although your company is located in Cleveland, this practice affects all of Northeast Ohio including the Akron area. Therefore as Ward 3 Councilman in the City of Akron and also as President of Council I am urging your company to take into consideration all of the potential life threatening pollutants you are putting into the environment and change your course of production immediately," Marco S. Sommerville, President of Council, City of Akron.

Sep 12: Stow city council urges Mittal Steel to prevent pollution pdf

Stow, OhioSTOW -- "WHEREAS, the citizens of Stow, Ohio have serious concerns about the health of their families; and WHEREAS, fine particle pollution is the most dangerous health threat to people from air pollution; and WHEREAS, concerned citizens of Stow, Ohio have a right to live in a clean environment and raise healthy children; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF STOW, COUNTY OF SUMMIT AND STATE OF OHIO: SECTION 1.  That this Council hereby urges the Mittal Steel Cleveland Works facility to develop and implement effective pollution prevention programs in order to reduce the emissions rate.  SECTION 2.  That the Clerk of Council is hereby directed to serve a certified copy of this Resolution upon Senators Dale Miller and Sherrod Brown," Stow City Council.

Sep 4: 2 seriously injured at Mittal plant in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania -- "A huge metal pipe fell on two workers at a steel plant Thursday in eastern Romania, leaving them seriously injured, officials said. Arcelor Mittal Galati, which owns the plant, said the accident occurred when a 1-ton pipe fell 100 feet (30 meters), hitting the workers. It was the 14th accident at the plant this year. Hospital spokesman Mihai Bucatanschi said a 38-year-old worker is not expected to survive after he suffered serious head injuries and the other worker had a badly injured. An investigation is under way. Arcelor Mittal Galati is part of ArcelorMittal SA, the world's largest steelmaker. It bought the plant from Romania in 2001,"

Sep 1: United Steelworkers and ArcelorMittal avoid potential strike by reaching tentative agreement

Leo Gerard
CLEVELAND -- " The United Steelworkers and ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, headed off a potential strike set for midnight by reaching a tentative agreement in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The four-year contract covers 14,000 workers at 14 U.S. plants, including about 1,300 members of Local 979 employed by ArcelorMittal in Cleveland. Union members, who received fliers detailing the proposal, must vote on the deal before it becomes final... 'Our members and retirees at ArcelorMittal now have the opportunity to enjoy the employment security and retirement security they earned through years of hard work and sacrifice,' United Steelworkers International President Leo W. Gerard said in a news release," Amanda Garrett, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Aug 28: Union vote at Mittal unanimous: Strike

PORTAGE, IN-- "Local ArcelorMittal union employees unanimously voted Wednesday to authorize the United Steelworkers leadership to call a strike as early as next week. Votes were unanimous at Indiana Harbor East's Local 1010, Indiana Harbor West's Local 1011 and Burns Harbor's Local 6787, along with Locals 9231 and 9481 in the south suburbs of Illinois. Votes were unanimous at Indiana Harbor East's Local 1010, Indiana Harbor West's Local 1011 and Burns Harbor's Local 6787, along with Locals 9231 and 9481 in the south suburbs of Illinois. United Steelworkers District 7 president Jim Robinson said employees in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, West Virginia and Minnesota voted nearly unanimously for the authorization. ArcelorMittal operates 14 plants with more than 14,000 employees," Erik Potter, Gary Post-Tribune.

Aug 27: United Steel Workers union wants strike authority in ArcelorMittal talks

PITTSBURGH, PA -- "The United Steelworkers union has asked more than 14,000 of its members at facilities run by ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, to allow it to call a strike if ongoing contract negotiations fail. The Pittsburgh-based labor union said in a notice distributed at 14 plants nationwide that a 'lack of progress' in the talks, which began four months ago, prompted the strike authorization vote scheduled for Wednesday. The union has been negotiating with Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal SA on behalf of the workers and tens of thousands of retirees. The current contract is set to expire Sept. 1," Daniel Lovering, Associated Press.

Aug 20: Ahead of the Bell: ArcelorMittal up on acquisition

NEW YORK, NY -- "American Depositary Receipts of ArcelorMittal SA, the world's largest steel maker, rose in premarket trading Wednesday after it said it said it was buying a big Brazilian iron ore producer for $764 million. The deal to buy London Mining South America Ltd. from London Mining PLC increases ArcelorMittal's control over its main raw material at a time when iron is becoming more expensive. The investment marks a strong signal that the Luxembourg-based company is not expecting the current bull market in steel to be close to a peak," Associated Press.

Aug 18: Man recovering after losing legs in accident
James Dolph injured as railcar ran over his legs, but hopes to one day finish hiking the Appalachian Trail

NEW DURHAM TOWNSHIP, IN -- "A La Porte County man who lost both legs in an accident at ArcelorMittal Steel Mill in Burns Harbor two weeks ago has not lost his zest for life. James Dolph, 56, who lives south of Michigan City on County Road 700 West in New Durham Township, suffered massive injuries on July 30. A railcar he was attempting to switch to a different track rolled over Dolph, severing both legs. His left leg was severed 5 inches below the knee and his right leg was severed 7 1/2 inches above the knee," Georgette Senter, Michican City News-Dispatch.

Aug 14: Worker dies at steel factory

Belgium's Arcelor Mittal steel plant

CHERTAL, BELGIUM -- "A worker has died at the Arcelor Mittal factory at Chertal, near Liege in Belgium. The body of the man was found beside a truck in the factory yard yesterday evening. The man's wife raised the alarm when he failed to return home after his shift. The police and fire brigade were called to the factory but could not save the man who was pronounced dead at the scene. The public prosecutor in Liege has ordered an investigation into the circumstances of the man's death, The Station Network.

Aug 13: One thousand citizens of Zenica protest Mittal Steel air pollution

One thousand citizens of Zenica protested in the center of the city on Saturday because of air pollution. Graduate engineer and employee of ArcelorMittal, Hasan Kreho organized the demonstration.

ZENICA, Bosnia Herzegovina -- "Mr. Dzonlic, who actually sent you pictures of pollution in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina, referred me to your website. I must tell you how nice it is to see people care about pollution in your city. We do not have any kind of group or organization like yours. Next Saturday, August 9, in Zenica will be the first protests against Mittal. The organizers will be from the Independent Union of Steelworkers from Mittal Steel Zenica. It seems there will be a lot of people who are prepared to stand up for their rights. I am a fan of your site because people can read news, every single day about Mittal. Thank you and regards!" Tarik Mujacic, from a letter to Liz Ilg, Cleveland Area Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Aug 6: Neighbor's view of Mittal Steel

July photo of Mittal Steel from Donna Levandowski's backyard on Independence Road, Cleveland.

BURNS HARBOR, IN -- Mittal supervisor's legs severed in accident at Burns Harbor plant. "'[Arcelor Mittal and United Steelworkers union officials] did nothing wrong by not reporting the accident,' [Sean Keefer, Indiana Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner] said," Andy Grimm, Merrillville Post-Tribune.

Aug 5: ArcelorMittal really digs coal

CLEVELAND -- "In its quest for self-sufficiency ArcelorMittal is gobbling up the producers of the raw materials it depends on for survival. On Monday, the steelmaker announced it agreed to buy the Koppers coking coke plant in Monessen, Pa., for $160.0 million. Coking coal is used as fuel to fire the furnaces used in the steelmaking process. Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal already buys all its coking coal from the Koppers Monessen facility, but as prices for raw materials soar it wants to remain in control of the ingredients," Ruthie Ackerman, Forbes.

Aug 3: Mittal Steel -- Cleveland & Cuyahoga County’s biggest polluter

CLEVELAND -- "While Mittal Steel’s strength is in acquiring steel plants around the world, its weakness is proving to be the management of the plants once it owns them. In May, Tremont neighbor of Mittal Steel Phil Pavarinni, Jr. and I traveled to Luxembourg to meet up with neighbors of Mittal Steel plants from around the world who are dealing with the same soot, rotten egg odors, and noise as Cleveland area neighbors. Together we formed a new group called ‘Global Action on ArcelorMittal,’ including representatives for the Czech Republic, India, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Romania, South Africa, Ukraine and the U.S.," Liz Ilg, Cleveland Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action, in EarthWatch Ohio, August/September issue.

BURNS HARBOR, IN -- Supervisor critically injured at ArcelorMittal. "An iron producing supervisor at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor was badly injured Wednesday while working on coal rail cars at the mill. James Dolph, 56, of LaPorte, was airlifted to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., where he remained in critical condition Friday at Advocate Christ Medical Center. Details of the accident were not available. . . [ArcelorMittal said in a statement] 'The health and safety of our work force will always be the No. 1 priority at ArcelorMittal,'" article dated August 2, 2008.

Reader comment to above article: "its sad what happen to jim we were just working together we went on lunch and here a call on the radio that he got hit by a train he is one of the best foremans we have there he gave all them years to the mill and now he lost his legs my prays are with him and his family. GOD BLESS."

Aug 1: Six students intern in Cleveland through Baldwin Wallace Project Affinity

Would you like some cookies? Project Affinity members left to right: Emily Mastroianni, Kaity Harman, Johnny Caputo, Greg DiGolamo, Diane Morris, and Keane Southard.

CLEVELAND -- "This summer I lived and worked in Cleveland along with five other Baldwin Wallace students through a program called Project Affinity. For the past thirteen years, Baldwin Wallace College has run Project Affinity through the Office of Community Outreach. Students live together for eight weeks in a house in Cleveland's Brooklyn Center. We cook, clean, and spend our free time together. The goal is that the students form an "affinity" or connection to each other and the Cleveland community. Each student is paired with two non-profits to work for throughout the summer as well as working together with Habitat for Humanity every Wednesday.

As a student in this program I have spent part of each week at Ohio Citizen Action helping promote the new Mittal Steel documentary, going door to door conducting neighborhood surveys, and doing research and writing. I've enjoyed watching the power of grassroots advocacy and campaigning first hand. It's given me real hope that as a student, I can be part of making positive change in my community from the ground up," Emily Mastroianni, intern, Ohio Citizen Action.

This year's other Project Affinity partners were Habitat for Humanity, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Domestic Violence Center, North East Coalition for the Homeless, AIDS Task Forces, Magnolia House, Esperanza, Old Brooklyn Community Developers, North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, and St. Malachi's Parish.

Jul 31: "Mittal says that it will be better in 2014."

ZENICA, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA -- Adnan Dzonlic took this photo of Arcelor Mittal's Zenica Steelworks at 7:30 Tuesday night. He wrote, "You can see all situation. Mittal says that it will be better in 2014. ?" Dzolnic's remarkable photos of this plant are now collected on a new website, Mittal Zlo, [Mittal Evil]. Liz Ilg, Cleveland Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Jul 30: Mittal Steel and mountaintop removal?

CLEVELAND -- "Dear Mr. Mittal, I am writing on behalf of Ohio Citizen Action. I have recently read about your purchase of Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group. These two companies are located in central Appalachia where coal companies have been using mountaintop removal to extract coal. Mountaintop removal literally blows off the tops of mountains, not only destroying the trees and plants of the mountaintops, but also sending toxic coal sludge into the streams below... Do Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group use mountaintop removal to mine their coal? If so, does ArcelorMittal plan to continue using mountaintop removal as the new owner of Mid Vol Coal Group and Concept Group?," Emily Mastroianni.

Jul 25: On-the-job deaths vex steel industry
Unexpected climb in workplace fatalities sparks search for causes by unions, firms

NEW YORK, NY -- "The increase in fatalities has prompted the world's largest steel maker by revenue and output, ArcelorMittal, to agree to tie more executives' compensation to plant safety performance and to establish joint health and safety committees in all of its facilities under an agreement with unions. ArcelorMittal has had four fatalities involving workers at four different plants in the U.S. this year. . . . 'There is more overtime, maintenance being deferred and cutbacks in company safety efforts,' said Michael Wright, director of health, safety and environment for the United Steelworkers. Amid rapid consolidation of steel companies, 'A lot of the [safety] personnel and the programs just disappeared,' he said," Kris Maher, Robert Guy Matthews, Wall Street Journal.

ZENICA, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA -- More photos of Arcelor Mittal in Zenica by Adnan Dzonlic.

Jul 18: Explosion Injures Five At ArcelorMittal Bosnia Steelworks

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA -- "Five workers have been injured in an explosion at a Bosnian steelworks majority owned by Arcelor-Mittal, a company official said Friday. 'The explosion the blast furnace' of the plant in the central town of Zenica on Thursday night, the steelworks' spokeswoman, Slobodanka Lizdek, told Agence-France Presse. 'We still don't know what caused the accident,' she said, adding that an investigation had been launched into the cause of the explosion," Dow Jones.

ZENICA, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA -- "I am a journalist for the most popular daily newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 'Daily Voice' or 'Dnevni Avaz,' which sells 60,000 to 100,000 copies per day. The newspaper is sold in Bosnia and neighboring countries, and I am a correspondent from Zenica. As a journalist I followed the arrival of Arcelor Mittal, which took over BH Steel. I am a personal witness of all bad things from Mittal to people in Zenica, where I have lived for more than 15 years. We have the same problems from Mittal in Zenica as you do in Cleveland, seems to me," Adnan Dzonlic, neighbor of Mittal Steel in Zenica, message to Liz Ilg, Cleveland Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action. Photo by Adnan Dzonlic.

Jul 16: Arcelor Mittal Steel responds to Ohio Citizen Action video

CLEVELAND -- Arcelor Mittal Steel, stung by the June 6 Ohio Citizen Action documentary video, "Mittal Steel: Clean Up For Real," today released a video of its own. The new Mittal video is called, "Inside Transforming Tomorrow: Discover how ArcelorMittal lives within the local community of Cleveland." Since both are on line, everyone can watch the video by Ohio Citizen Action and the one by ArcelorMittal, and decide for themselves.

Jul 15: Who are the adults?

OHIO -- "I love it when a bit of my faith in mankind is restored. I wish it would happen more often. A few days ago, two kids (18 and 19) came to my door canvassing for Ohio Citizen Action. They were awesome! And while I lament that far too few of the big kids want to do something, it seems to me that a large group from, say 17 to 22 are seeing far enough into the future to realize that change must be made. Or else. So check out the documentary. It's on YouTube. And their website at:," Melinda Browning, Common Sense Cafe.

Jul 11: 35,000 handwritten letters, children's drawings, postcards, slips, and petitions urge Mittal Steel to clean up

CLEVELAND -- As of June, a jaw-dropping 35,000 Ohio Citizen Action members had sent handwritten letters, children's drawings, postcards, slips, and petitions urging Mittal Steel Cleveland Works managers to be good neighbors.

Much credit for this goes to the people above, who are part of Ohio Citizen Action's Cleveland field canvass and organizing staff: Kelsey Lyon, Kelly Smith, Erin Campbell, Kaitlin McPhee, Jason Walsh, Megan Kilkenny, Liz Ilg, Sara Woodson, Kyle McDonald, Jared Beachy, Dan Costigan, Adam Baratz, Lindsey Tiberi-Warner, Bill Somerville, and Charles Angwenyi.

Bigger picture

Jul 10: Arcelor Mittal releases corporate responsibility report, "Taking Responsibility for Transforming Tomorrow"

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG -- "Stakeholders -– whether employees, customers, governments, communities or shareholders -– want to know how a business is run. Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to improving the transparency of our operations," Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman and CEO, Arcelor Mittal, Report Overview.

"10. Open communication and dialogue with all stakeholders affected by ArcelorMittal’s operations Open communication with stakeholders on environmental matters and sharing of experiences to facilitate improvement on industry performance. Within the group, in-depth, open communication of all environmental issues is encouraged," Arcelor Mittal Environmental Policy, Explanatory Note.

Why is she giggling?

Jul 6: "We are visionary thinkers, creating opportunities every day."

-- ArcelorMittal statement of corporate philosophy

CLEVELAND -- "February 2008 - Panel chair Kim Foreman delivers transcripts from a public hearing on Mittal Steel and our health in November 2007 to Terry Fedor at his Cleveland office. In a cover letter members of the panel state, ‘One hundred Cleveland area neighbors gathered at Cuyahoga Community College to hear testimony on pollution problems from Mittal Steel and speak their mind on the topic. Neighbors of your facility testified on the problems they experience from your facility such as rotten egg odors and soot... We urge you to sit down with your neighbors to begin talking about what you can do to prevent pollution from the Mittal Steel Cleveland Works," Kim Foreman, Dr. Anne Wise and Dr. Dan Brustein. Terry Fedor did not respond," Liz Ilg, Cleveland Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action, "How has Mittal Steel faced up to its pollution problems in Cleveland? A chronology."

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