Mittal Steel news from Jan - Jun 2006
Jun 26:  3rd time lucky: Mittal wins Arcelor's agreement to a $33B deal

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- "Mittal Steel USA employs about 1,500 people at several Ohio plants, including flat-rolled steel mills in Cleveland and a coke plant in Warren. By capitulating to Mittal's bid - which Arcelor had resisted since January - the company snubs suitor OAO Severstal, which had improved its own merger offer and had earlier been favored by the board... The new company would dwarf other steelmakers, controlling close to 10 percent of world steel production, churning out 120 million tons of crude steel a year and employing more than 320,000 people," Aoife White, Cincinnati Post.

LUXEMBOURG -- Arcelor, Mittal Steel Celebrate 'Marriage', "Putting five months of enmity behind them, Arcelor SA and Mittal Steel Co. promised to honor each other Monday as they toasted their $31.9 billion covenant," Aoife White, Washington Post.
Jun 25:  Arcelor agrees to Mittal merger

MUMBAI, INDIA -- "The world's two largest steel companies, Arcelor and Mittal Steel, agreed Sunday on a €27.5 billion merger, ending five months of bitter resistance from one of Europe's biggest industrial champions against the rising might - and cash flow - of emerging markets. The merger will combine Arcelor - a symbol of successful, pan-European cooperation and economic revival, with operations that span Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Spain - with a fast-growing conglomerate founded by an Indian, Lakshmi Mittal, who built a fortune turning around sick steel plants in rapidly expanding markets from Trinidad to Kazakhstan," Anand Giridharadas, Heather Timmons and James Kanter, International Herald Tribune.

MUMBAI, INDIA -- Here's how Arcelor-Mittal was born...., Moneycontrol India.
Jun 19:  Mittal Steel Mill Monday

CLEVELAND -- "This morning, on my way to work, I saw three huge flares from the steel mill. So I made sure to report that to Ohio Citizen Action using their online pollution log form. I also called their Good Neighbor Help line [216.429.7300] last week because all the coke spilling out of the trucks on W. 7th is melting and getting on my car and in my tire treads and trash is sticking to it. Although they say you'll receive a phone call back, I've yet to hear from them. Additionally, now that summer is here and I'm keeping my windows open, I'm getting lots of silver-grey dust blown into my apartment. All these anecdotes are just little reminders to report pollution when you see it, either to Mittal [if it comes from them] or to OCA, or preferably, both,"
Jun 18:  EPA trying to clear the air
Agency working to eliminate fine-particle pollution, improve air quality

CLEVELAND -- "The particles come from a myriad of sources. They can be emitted from cars, trucks or buses. Other sources can include dirt, dust, smoke, road salt and water vapor. Larger sources include power plants, industrial facilities and construction sites... Especially troubling is the fact that fine particles escape the naked eye, but not the respiratory system. Fine particles can be as tiny as 2.5 micrometers in diameter or less - one-tenth the size of a human hair, Mechenbier said. The particles are small enough to bypass respiratory defenses and infiltrate lungs, said Dr. Mark Aronica of Cleveland Clinic's Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Department," Brandon C. Baker, Lake County News-Herald.
Jun 12:  20,140 member letters to Mittal Steel: Here are some of the people who helped make it happen

The Northeast Ohio Citizen Action field canvass staff: Front row -- Meghan
Huber, Michelle Taphorn, Colleen Kavanagh, Amanda Duncan, Josh Brickner.
Middle row: Amber Becka, Christa Ebert, Liz Ilg, Michael Klein, Nathan
Smith, Matt DiScenna. Back row: Justin Martin.
May 30: Fine particle pollution warning issued today for Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland's air ranks among the worst in the nation for pollution from fine, microscopic particles, which can cause lung and heart disease. Mittal Steel put out 403 tons of fine particles per year into Cleveland's air in 2005, according to figures submitted to the Ohio EPA in April 2006. Mittal also reported putting 175 tons of heavier, visible particles (soot) into the air. Over Memorial Day weekend, neighbors of Mittal Steel on Independence Rd. in Cleveland witnessed "black clouds" of pollution coming from the steel mill, and called one of the company's environmental representatives, attorney David Nash, to come and witness the problem himself. Neighbors also experienced metal showers overnight and were kept awake by trucks working throughout the night in the area behind Independence Rd, Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.
May 15: Ukrainian government agency criticizes Mittal Steel over salaries at steel mill

KIEV, UKRAINE -- "Netherlands-based Mittal Steel Co. on Wednesday rejected the Ukrainian government's complaint over salaries at the giant steel mill it purchased in the ex-Soviet republic last year, insisting it was fulfilling its ownership obligations. The State Property Fund, which oversaw Mittal Steel's purchase of Kryvorizhstal from the state, warned last week that it might sue the company if did not fulfill what it called a promise to increase salaries within 30 days," Kiev Post, Ukraine. Article originally published May 10.

KIEV, UKRAINE -- Ukraine challenges Mittal over steel obligations, Natasha Zinets, Reuters.
May 13: Ozone target out of reach in region, EPA chief says

CLEVELAND -- "No matter what steps Northeast Ohio takes, the region cannot meet new, stricter federal ground-level ozone standards by 2010, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency director said Friday. Shut down Mittal Steel Co. in Cleveland. Close coal-burning power plants in Avon, Eastlake and Ashtabula. Replace 1 million cars with bikes. 'You could do all kinds of draconian things in Northeast Ohio, and it wouldn't matter,' Ohio EPA Director Joe Koncelik said after meeting with regional planners," John C. Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

CAMARILLO, CA -- Allergies, asthma are focus of national observance this month, Bev Taylor, St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital, Ventura County Star.
Apr 28:  Study: Cleveland ranks among worst in U.S. for air quality
Experts say industry, old power plants contribute to problem

CLEVELAND -- "A new report from the American Lung Association on Thursday shows improvement in air quality in much of the nation, but the news is not good for Cleveland. Cleveland ranks among the worst cities in the nation for air quality. The study says Cleveland residents are being exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution. Experts say the city has a lot of industry, which creates pollution, and very old power plants. The study says Ohio in general has serious and widespread air pollution problems. It's a documented issue for people who already have respiratory problems that could put them in the hospital or even kill them," NewsNet 5.

LONDON, ENGLAND -- Mittal Steel directors have links to founder, John Plender, London Financial Times.
Apr 25:  Mittal Steel USA opens line in Cleveland to meet customers' needs for corrosion-resistant steel

CHICAGO, IL -- "Mittal Steel USA officially placed a new line into operation in Cleveland today to provide top-quality galvanized sheet steel to automakers and other demanding customers... 'Because of the versatility of the new line, it will help the Cleveland plant maintain its stature as one of the most advanced steelmaking plants serving world markets,' said William Brake Jr., executive vice president, operations. He said the Cleveland operation already is the most productive steel plant on the planet," press release, Mittal Steel USA.
Apr 24:  Steel tycoon rusted onto rich list

LONDON, ENGLAND -- "Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal has again been listed as Britain's richest person, with a fortune of more than pound stg. 14.8billion ($35.8 billion). The Sunday Times profiled Britain's richest 1000 people in a 104-page supplement. It was the newspaper's 18th annual listing of the nation's wealthiest people. The top five remained unchanged from last year, but their fortunes did not. Four of them were wealthier than in 2005, the newspaper reported," The Australian.

Apr 17:  X marks the spot

CLEVELAND -- Residents of Independence Rd. in Cleveland can see the stacks of Mittal Steel's blast furnace from their street. On Tuesday morning, April 11, 2006, Arlene Green and I were standing on Independence when a cloud of black particles suddenly poured out of the blast furnace (see photo above). Arlene comments that when the wind is blowing toward her neighborhood, the black clouds carry metal particles with them, Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.

Apr 6:  Community meeting on air pollution

Dave Nash and Chuck Glazer of Mittal Steel examine a jar of pollution brought in by Betts Skrha.

CLEVELAND -- "Clevelanders are sick and tired of air pollution and particles in the air that can aggravate asthma, cause lung and heart disease, and lead to cancer. Citizens are using their own air pollution testing devices to document the pollution themselves. We have traced pollution back to Mittal Steel and to General Environmental Management (GEM). Both companies were invited to attend the meeting yesterday to discuss these problems with the neighbors. GEM declined the invitation," Ohio Citizen Action.
Apr 5:  South African steel mill cleans up its water-emissions act

GARDENVIEW, SOUTH AFRICA -- "South Africa’s largest steel plant Mittal Steel’s Vanderbijlpark mill on Wednesday officially launched a new R222-million zero-effluent discharge main treatment plant. Residents of the southern Gauteng town have, for many years, accused the steel plant of severely polluting the water in the area... 'By having a zero-effluent-discharge facility, Mittal Steel is playing its part in protecting the aquatic biological diversity that is so often the victim of selfish neglect,' the deputy said," Mining Weekly.
Mar 31:  Community Meeting on Air Pollution

CLEVELAND -- "Clevelanders are sick and tired of air pollution and particles in the air that can aggravate asthma, cause lung and heart disease, and lead to cancer. Citizens are using their own air-pollution testing devices to document the pollution themselves. The City of Cleveland does not have any mobile equipment that can be brought in to test for chemicals in the air near a polluter or in a neighborhood. We have traced pollution back to Mittal Steel and to General Environmental Management. Representatives of both companies have been invited to attend the meeting," Ohio Citizen Action.
Mar 29:  Who’ll stop the rain?:
Residents caught in metal flake drizzle; Senate relaxes rules

CLEVELAND -- "It’s fair to say the new owner of Mittal Steel doesn’t have a problem like this at his house. On March 6, Arlene Green called Sandy Buchanan of Ohio Citizen Action and told her to get to her Independence Road house on the double. It was raining metal flakes again. Buchanan got there and said she could feel it falling on her face and hands... 'It’s wrong for the agencies and the companies to speculate things are OK,' Buchanan said. 'This is enough right here. This is the smoking gun,'" Dan Harkins, Free Times.
Mar 27:  Mittal Steel radio program

CLEVELAND -- "While the production lines whiz along, Tremont people are wheezing. Residents near the industrial Cuyahoga valley complain of asthma, nose bleeds and mysterious dust showers. But now they're armed with plastic bucket contraptions to test the air for themselves. We'll talk with the inventor of the so-called "Bucket Brigades" and learn what Clevelanders are breathing, Friday on 90.3 at 9... See or smell something that might be pollution? You can call: Mittal Steel, Good Neighbor Hotline 216-429-7300; Ohio Citizen Action at 216-861-5200," WCPN.
Mar 25:  Mittal Steel asked to be a good neighbor

CLEVELAND -- "Ohio Citizen Action, the state's largest environmental group, drew attention to the Cuyahoga Valley's air pollution at a news conference Friday at the Greens' house on Independence Road. The group's leader, Sandy Buchanan, called on plant owner Lakshmi Mittal, ranked by Forbes magazine this year as the fifth richest man in the world, to turn the plant into a showplace for how industry and neighborhoods can live side by side. Ohio Citizen collected samples of the metal soot March 7 and had the samples analyzed. The samples contained six heavy metals such as zinc, which match pollutants released from the steel plant," John Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

CLEVELAND -- Residents upset over results of pollution test taken in Cleveland, Kristin Anderson, WKYC.
Mar 24:  Ohio Citizen Action will answer the question: "What's in that smell?"

Denny Larson takes a bucket sample downwind of Mittal Ironworks plant during a strong odor incident.

CLEVELAND -- "Ohio Citizen Action and Global Community Monitor will release results of first-ever real-time air pollution tests in Cleveland on Friday, March 24, 2006 at noon. A press conference will take place at the home of Arlene and Jeff Green, 3477 Independence Rd., to release results of real-time air monitoring and swipe sampling from neighborhoods surrounding the Flats. The sampling shows the chemicals, dangerous gases, and metals that neighbors of Mittal Steel and General Environmental Management are being exposed to on a daily basis, " Ohio Citizen Action.
Mar 23:  Environmental Justice tour
Case Western Reserve medical students and Mittal Steel neighbors

Arlene Green and Dan Einstein watch as Hilton Kelly demonstrates the Cerex air monitor.

CLEVELAND -- "An educational tour was planned by Sujan Reddy of Case Western Reserve University. Through the course of the day, first and second year medical students were introduced to the concept of Environmental Justice - the disproportionate burden of environmental waste borne by poor, minority communities. The tour included personal testimony by neighbors of Mittal Steel and was an ideal opportunity to teach community issues to students who are tomorrow’s community leaders," Ohio Citizen Action.   
Mar 22:  Mittal Steel Good Neighbor Campaign meeting

Denny Larson of Global Community Monitor starts off the meeting by demonstrating the mechanics of the air sampling bucket.

CLEVELAND -- "Neighbors, Ohio Citizen Action and representatives from Mittal Steel and the City of Cleveland met last night at Pilgrim Congregational Church to discuss Cleveland's air pollution problems. Air pollution in Cleveland is among the worst in the nation. Citizens are using their own air-pollution testing devices to document the pollution themselves and catch polluters in the act. This is especially important in Cleveland, where the city’s Division of Air Quality does not have any mobile equipment that can be brought in to test for chemicals in the air near a polluter or in a neighborhood," Ohio Citizen Action.   
Mar 21:  Mittal announces "Good Neighbor Matters Voice Message Line"

CLEVELAND -- "At a meeting of the Tremont Leaders last night, Mittal Cleveland Works Plant Manager Terry Fedor announced a new phone number that residents can call if they observe pollution problems coming from the steel mill. The number, which the plant calls the "Good Neighbor Matters Voice Message Line," is 216-429-7300. Fedor encouraged the line to be used between 8 AM and 5 PM and promised that people who call the number will get a personal phone call back," Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.   

Ohio Citizen Action will hold a meeting about the Mittal Steel Good Neighbor Campaign tonight at Pilgrim Congregational Church at 7 p.m., featuring national "Bucket Brigade" leaders Denny Larson of San Francisco, CA, and Hilton Kelley of Port Arthur,TX. For information call 216-861-5200.
Mar 17:  Air keepers

CLEVELAND -- "Concerned citizens are stepping up their watch of the Mittal Steel Co. plant in Cleveland. Ohio Citizen Action will hold a public meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 West 14th St. in Tremont, to outline the latest strategy... Starting Monday, Citizen Action asks that if you see or smell any pollution from Mittal Steel, General Environmental Management or other neighboring industries to report it. Call Citizen Action at 216-861-5200 (office), 216-314-0180 (cell) or Larson at 415-845-4705 (cell). They will meet you and take samples of air pollution or particulates," John Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Mar 16:  Trial by fire turned mom into public records activist

CLEVELAND -- "Dioxins were a mystery to Teresa Mills a decade ago. But after tracking a big yellow cloud that hung over her Grove City neighborhood to the Columbus trash-burning power plant, the housewife and mother filed her first records request with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Her education started... Ohio Citizen Action has conducted several 'Good Neighbor Campaigns' across the state. It has one now focused on reducing the air pollution coming from the Mittal Steel Co. plant in Cleveland. The group has sought records for air permits and related documents, as well as records for auxiliary businesses connected to the plant," John Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Mar 10:  The World's Billionaires

NEW YORK, NY -- "Making a billion just isn't what it used to be. In our inaugural ranking of the world’s richest people 20 years ago, we uncovered some 140 billionaires. Just three years ago we found 476. This year the list is a record 793. They’re worth a combined $2.6 trillion, up 18% since last March. Their average net worth: $3.3 billion. Strong stock markets around the world (the U.S. being the notable exception) contributed to this surge in wealth. India, whose BSE SENSEX market was up 54% in the past 12 months, is home to 10 new billionaires, more than any other country besides the U.S.," Luisa Kroll and Allison Fass, Forbes Magazine.
  • Lakshmi Mittal profile
  • Mar 8:  Mittal Steel swipe sampling

    CLEVELAND -- "On March 7, 2006 Sandy Buchanan and I visited the home of Arlene Green and her family. The Greens are neighbors of Mittal Steel. They report what they call 'metal showers' and their home being covered in soot. Last Friday's metal shower was the worst yet. Arlene said, 'It looked like a snow storm. There were big flakes out there. You could feel them hitting your face.' The way that the plant is situated in the valley means that its stacks are at the same level as the homes on Independence Road," Angela Oster, Ohio Citizen Action.
    Mar 7:  Mittal to fund steel museum at mall planned for old mill site

    CLEVELAND -- "One of the world's largest steelmakers plans to fund a museum honoring the industry's long history in northeast Ohio with exhibits that will be part of a new shopping plaza being built on a former steel yard, Mittal Steel USA announced Monday. Mittal has donated $45,000 for a steel heritage museum at Steelyard Commons. The company said it plans to create interactive exhibits with company artifacts, including a turn-of-the-century brick building used as a place for workers to punch in and out and a railroad car once used to transport molten steel," Connie Mabin, Akron Beacon Journal.

    CLEVELAND -- Retail center to honor steel history, Tom Breckinridge, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Mar 6:  Testing their own air
    Air monitoring? Scant. Pollutions laws? Weak. In the shadow of one oil refinery, the 'Bucket Brigade' is measuring for the first time what resident are breathing

    MINATITLAN, MEXICO -- "It was a scene that has played out over and over again in industrial neighborhoods in the U.S., where citizens have been forming 'bucket brigades' to test air pollution since the mid-1990s, using a simple five-gallon plastic paint bucket outfitted with parts found in any local hardware store. But the sample Rodríguez gathered on the doorstep of the Minatitlan refinery last month was the first for his country and for all of Latin America, where laws regulating pollution are weaker and there is scant monitoring of the hazardous air pollutants released by refineries and chemical plants. Here, the bucket brigade, or brigada de cubetas, just may be the only way to find out for sure what people are breathing," Dina Cappiello, Houston Chronicle.
    Mar 5:  Mittal Steel's bid for Arcelor puts U.S. mills in spotlight; more deals seen

    CHICAGO -- "Arcelor itself is putting up one of the biggest roadblocks, campaigning to thwart the unsolicited offer. CEO Guy Dolle said the bid undervalues his company and complained that Mittal's strengths are in low-end steel, unlike Arcelor's high-end products: 'There are those who specialize in perfume, such as Arcelor, and others who are more in commodities - one could say in eau de cologne.' Mittal's response: Fly dozens of Europe-based reporters to Chicago, its new U.S. headquarters city, to see slick video presentations and grill its top executives. Then bus them to Burns Harbor, the most modern integrated steel plant in the United States," David Carpenter, Miami Herald .

    MIAMI -- A look at how the Mittal steel empire was built, Miami Herald.
    Mar 1:  Cleveland, firm reach deal over stink
    Timetable set to rid downtown of odor

    CLEVELAND -- "A hazardous waste company that has been stinking up the neighborhoods around the Flats will have to clean up. The state and Cleveland reached an agreement Tuesday with General Environmental Management LLC that sets a timetable for the company to fix the odor problems coming from its plant on Transport Road in Cleveland. The interim agreement filed in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court requires the company to develop a community outreach plan within 30 days that will include creating a 24-hour odor complaint hot line and notifying Cleveland of the complaints," John Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Feb 27:  Mittal neighbors in South Africa invite European Commission to visit

    VANDERBIJLPARK, SOUTH AFRICA -- Today the Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance in South AFrica invited the European Commission to visit the Mittal steel plant there to "hear first hand from victims of pollution from the steel mill -- what their circumstances are and whether Mr. Mittal is a responsible investor." The European Commission will investigate the proposed takeover of Arcelor Steel by Mittal Steel. The invitation came from the Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance, which includes the Steel Valley Crisis Committee, Sasolburg Air Quality Monitoring Committee, Vaal Working Class Coordinating Committee, Samancor Retrenched Workers Committee Boipatong Environmental Working Group, African Genesis Environmental Heritage Club Justice and Peace, and the Bophelong and Christian Knowledge Independent Churches forum of South Africa. The invitation is also supported by Friends of Steel Valley, Group for Environmental Monitoring (GEM), and Groundwork.

    On February 17, Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action Executive Director, invited European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes to visit Cleveland to talk to neighbors of the giant Mittal Steel complex here. In response, Mittal Steel hastily organized a press visit to the United States by company president Aditya Mittal, European Mittal executives, and top European business reporters. Instead of coming to Cleveland, however, Mittal's expedition flew over Cleveland and landed in Chicago. Today they are touring the Burns Harbor Steel plant.
  • Letter to Neelie Kroes
  • Agenda for Chicago trip
  • European Commission response page one  page two
  • Feb 24:  Why is Aditya Mittal afraid to bring reporters to Cleveland?

    CLEVELAND -- "Mittal Steel President Aditya Mittal is leading a delegation of top European business reporters to Chicago this weekend in response to questions Ohio Citizen Action has raised with the European Commission about Mittal Steel's environmental record. Mittal Steel is attempting to take over European steelmaker Arcelor. Mittal, who lives in London, is bringing in top company personnel to speak with reporters and lead them on a tour of Mittal's Burns Harbor plant in E. Chicago, Indiana on Monday, February 27. Unfortunately, Mr. Mittal is bringing the delegation to the wrong plant: he should take them to the Cleveland Works instead. Our letter to the European Commission painted a clear picture of the dangerous levels of air pollution coming from the Cleveland plant. Since taking over ISG last year, neither Mr. Mittal nor his father, Lakshmi Mittal, have responded to invitations from Cleveland neighbors to discuss the conditions at their plant, which sits in the middle of six neighborhoods," Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.
  • Letter to Neelie Kroes
  • Agenda for Chicago trip
  • Feb 17:  Mittal neighbors invite Neelie Kroes to Cleveland
    Citizen Action files to intervene in Mittal takeover bid

    CLEVELAND -- "This letter is our application to be heard in the forthcoming examination of Mittal Steel's bid for Arcelor. More specifically, we invite you to visit Cleveland to speak with the neighbors of Mittal Steel's Cleveland Works, and to see, smell, and feel the pollution pouring out of the complex. This first-hand experience may lead you to agree that Mr. Mittal needs to learn how to manage the factories he already owns before he continues his buying spree," Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.

    CLEVELAND -- Cleveland's dirty air ranking gets a dishonorable mention, John Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Jan 31:  Mittal chief tries to ease jitters as Arcelor vows to fight takeover

    PARIS, FRANCE -- "Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal went on a charm offensive Monday to calm misgivings over his 18.6 billion euro ($22.5 billion) unsolicited offer for Arcelor SA - as the smaller steel maker went on the attack. The Mittal Steel Co. chairman and chief executive pledged to create a European champion, protect European jobs and respect European labor conditions. Arcelor warned against its predator's 'irregular' profitability, pledging to consider 'all options' to foil the hostile bid. 'Mittal is committed to the social policies and commitments that Arcelor has implemented,' Lakshmi Mittal said. 'Regarding employment, this merger is not about job reductions,'" Lawrence Frost, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    PARIS, FRANCE -- Mittal on charm offensive in France, Peggy Hollinger, The Australian.
    Jan 30:  Arcelor resists forging deal with Mittal
    Dofasco destiny remains unclear as its acquisitor becomes a target

    BRUSSELS -- "Luxembourg-based steel maker Arcelor SA's board of directors has rejected a hostile takeover bid from Mittal Steel Co., saying it would hurt the group, its shareholders, employees and customers... With revenue of about $36-billion last year, Arcelor is the world's second biggest steel company by sales but is facing tougher conditions in its core European markets. Rival Mittal overtook Arcelor as the world's largest steel maker last year by buying Cleveland-based International Steel Group Inc., and trumped Arcelor to acquire Ukraine's state-owned Kryvorizhstal in a public auction," Aiofe White, Toronto Globe & Mail.
    Jan 29:  Focus: King of steel

    LONDON, ENGLAND -- "On Friday morning Mittal made his play. He announced a $22.7 billion unsolicited bid, offering Arcelor shareholders a mix of cash and shares in his company. The offer was pitched at a 27% premium to Arcelor’s closing price the day before, and was later detailed in Mittal’s first ever London press conference. Even with the warnings, Arcelor seemed stunned by the move. Earlier in the week, an adviser to the company had assured associates that Mittal had requested the meeting on Tuesday just to talk about the Dofasco deal. Another banker called a senior Mittal executive early on Friday morning, plaintively asking why there had been no warning of the approach," Dominic O'Connell, London Sunday Times.
    Jan 28:  Mittal bids for No. 2 steelmaker
    Luxembourg company target of takeover attempt

    ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS -- "The fallout from a Mittal-Arcelor deal would have little foreseeable effect on the Mittal mill in Cleveland, which employs about 1,500 workers, including about 1,200 members of the United Steelworkers of America. In April 2005, Mittal bought International Steel Group, which included plants formerly owned by LTV Corp., Bethlehem Steel Corp. and others. Mark Granakis, president of Steelworkers Local 979 in Cleveland, said an acquisition of Arcelor shouldn't disrupt Mittal operations in North America. And even if it did prompt some plant closings in North America as part of a global consolidation, he's convinced the Cleveland mill would survive. The plant here is running above capacity right now, he said. Granakis said Mittal has sent people from its plants in Mexico, South Africa and Canada to Cleveland to see how things are done," Peter Krouse, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Jan 27:  Mang leaves Mittal
    Company's U.S. division management being combined

    CHICAGO, IL -- "The Chicago-based company is changing its organizational structure to have one person overseeing both the Eastern and Western regions. On Monday, William Brake Jr. will assume the new position as vice president of operations. Brake has served as executive vice president of the company's Eastern Region since April, when Mittal Steel purchased International Steel Group Inc. He currently is headquartered in Mittal's Richfield, Ohio, offices but will maintain an office in the region as well," Andrea Holecek, Northwest Indiana Times.
    Jan 23:  Capturing Flats' bad air in a bucket
    Amateur free-lance patrols aim to clean up Cuyahoga Valley

    CLEVELAND -- "[Jessica] Kramer and [Jerry] Reed-Mundell are detectives in a citizen-initiated stink patrol. Their goal is to clean up the dirty air rising from the Cuyahoga Valley, Cleveland's industrial heart and the birthplace of Standard Oil. 'It's more than a disturbing bad smell,' said Reed-Mundell, 56, who teaches chemistry at Cleveland State University. 'It's a health issue.' Ohio Citizen Action, the state's largest environmental group, launched the air-testing program last November after hearing repeated complaints about awful odors in downtown Cleveland and nearby neighborhoods of Tremont, Ohio City and Slavic Village. The smells could be toxic chemicals, which can have lasting health effects, such as cancer or reproductive damage, said Sandy Buchanan, who heads Ohio Citizen Action," John C. Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Jan 20:  Greater Cleveland 5th worst for fine-particle air pollution

    CLEVELAND -- "With each breath, you're sucking in tiny, tiny particles the fraction of a width of a hair. Those microscopic air pollutants bypass the body's natural defenses and penetrate deep into the lungs, where they can lead to a host of health problems, from aggravating heart and lung disease to premature death. Greater Cleveland, which includes Elyria and Mentor, had the worst fine-particle air pollution in Ohio in 2004 and ranked fifth worst in the nation among the largest metropolitan areas, according to a study released Thursday by the Ohio Public Interest Research Group," John C. Kuehner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
    Jan 11:  Smell you later: A hazardous waste company fixes leaks with duct tape. What could possibly go wrong?

    CLEVELAND -- "No one denies Cleveland stinks. It’s the smell of molten steel, the odor of industry keeping the city alive. It sweeps gently up the Cuyahoga from Mittal’s black chimneys, spewing orange flame into our gray skies, wafting between Tower City and Jacobs Field. We’re accustomed to it. But last January, Clevelanders noticed a whole new smell, and this one was not welcome... The chemicals emitted by GEM were sampled on November 29 by Denny Larson of Global Community Monitor of San Francisco and representatives from Ohio Citizen Action. Using an EPA-approved bucket device, the team captured a small amount of air near the GEM facility," James Renner, Free Times.
    Jan 6:  "What's that smell?"
    Ohio Citizen Action aims to answer the question

    CLEVELAND -- "Neighbors have identified General Environmental Management (GEM) as the source of a particularly sickening odor they say smells like a combination of rotten eggs and chemicals. Today, Ohio Citizen Action released the results of the bucket test, and asked GEM to use the results to take action to reduce pollution. During the time the sample was being taken, the distinctive odor was very strong and was definitely coming from the facility. The sample detected a mixture of chemicals present in the air coming from GEM, including hydrogen sulfide, ethanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, methylene chloride, 2-butanone (MEK), 4-methyl-2-pentanone, toluene, xylene, tetrahydrofuran, and 2-pentanone," Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action.

    Sample results spreadsheet 1 | spreadsheet 2

    The Chemical Database, Department of Chemistry, University of Akron.

    Mittal Steel news from Jul-Dec 2005, Jan - Jun 20052004