Metal flakes found at homes near Mittal Steel

The Closer to Mittal Steel, the Greater the Concentrations
Mittal Steel reports emissions of seven metals to the EPA (Toxics Release Inventory), including barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, manganese, vanadium, and zinc. Ohio Citizen Action took five swipe samples at homes and public places near the steel mill over a one week period spanning from 05/09/05 to 05/17/05 and had them tested at Tri-State Laboratories in Youngstown, Ohio. The results were compared to a clean swipe sample. The samples indicate the concentrations of the metals were higher closer to the steel mill.

All metals except cadmium were found at all sites. Vanadium was detected at 1,2, and 4 only.

3488 Independence Road, aluminum window awning; taken at 7:23 pm on 05/09/05. Two days before the sample was taken, homeowner reported a heavy downfall of metal flakes.

3488 Independence Road, taken at 7:25 pm on 05/09/05, tray on baby stroller. Highest level of zinc and second highest for other metals; this may be due to the fact that children’s toys collect a lot of residue because of saliva. Also, the site is right next to the company’s landfill and zinc is one of its main constituents.

Taken at 3:40 pm on 05/10/05
1309 Buhrer Road; side of house; highest amount of copper found and third highest levels of other metals.

Taken at 4:29 pm on 05/10/05
Hood of car at used car place corner of Rockefeller and Independence roads: right in the middle of the facility; Highest amount of barium found; Highest amounts of metal contamination of all locations.

Taken at 2:30 pm on 05/17/05. Metal top of garbage can at Clark Field. Vanadium was detected, similar to Sample 1.

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