February 21, 2007

Terry Fedor, Plant Manager
Mittal Steel Cleveland Works
3060 Eggers Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44105

Dear Mr. Fedor,

As you know, residents living near Mittal Steel have been complaining of rotten egg odors in Slavic Village, Tremont, and Old Brooklyn. Arlene and Jeff Green, Mittal’s neighbors on Independence Road, have reported these odors to have worsened and started getting into their home since November 2006. For this reason Mrs. Green took an air sample inside her home on January 22, 2007. She took the sample in her 5 year-old daughter’s bedroom where the odor was the strongest.

Mrs. Green took the air sample using a five-gallon plastic bucket built by U.S. EPA-approved methods for air testing. The Columbia Analytical Services laboratory analyzed the air sample and found hydrogen sulfide, a pollutant caused by iron smelting.

According to the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, hydrogen sulfide can trigger asthma, cause heart attacks, and pulmonary edema, a build up of fluid in the lungs. Exposure to this chemical can also cause headaches, skin complications, lung tissue degeneration, confusion, impairment of verbal recall, memory loss, and prolonged reaction time.

The Green family lives approximately 500 yards from Mittal Steel’s blast furnaces where iron smelting takes place. A previous air sample taken less than 100 yards downwind from Mittal’s blast furnaces detected hydrogen sulfide as well.

What is Mittal Steel doing to insure that hydrogen sulfide from iron production does not reach the surrounding communities?

Community residents are ready to meet with you to discuss solutions to the air pollution problems created by Mittal Steel. Please call me at the Cleveland office listed below to set up a time to meet.


Liz Ilg
Cleveland Program Director