Members of the medical community:
Take action on Mittal's pollution

David I. Andersen/The Plain Dealer
Health care professionals throughout Northeast Ohio are writing to Terry Fedor, Plant Manager at Mittal Steelís Cleveland Works, urging him to prevent dangerous air pollution from the mill.

Please email Mittal Plant Manager Terry Fedor now.

The email is ready to send, pre-addressed to Terry Fedor from you. A copy comes to us so we can keep count. Feel free to change the suggested message.

Northeast Ohio neighbors have sent Mittal Steelís Cleveland management 25,600 personal letters and petitions urging them to take immediate action to reduce their asthma and cancer linked pollution. None of Mittalís decision makers have responded. Now the medical community is getting involved to help solve one of the most serious environmental health problems facing Clevelanders.

Would you rather send a handwritten letter?

So much the better. Terry Fedor's address is 3060 Eggers Rd. Cleveland, OH 44105. Please send us a copy at 614 W. Superior Ave. STE 1200, Cleveland, OH 44113.

What you write is up to you, of course, and using your own words is always better. If it helps get you started, here is a sample text:

Dear Mr. Fedor,

As a health care professional, I am concerned about the effects of air pollution on a number of chronic health conditions, particularly lung and heart diseases. In the last 20 years, we have seen a dramatic rise in asthma and asthma deaths in both children and adults. Scientific studies have clearly documented that death rates from these conditions increase as air pollution increases.

Mittal Steel sits in the heart of one of the oldest communities in Cleveland with more than 390,000 men, women and children. According to self-reported data to the Ohio EPA, your facility releases over 1 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, hundreds of thousands of pounds of particulates, toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the air. These pollutants can aggravate asthma, emphysema, and heart disease, causing neighbors in your community to be treated in the emergency departments and admitted to the hospital.

I urge you to take immediate action to decrease pollutant emissions from Mittalís Cleveland Works. Investment in pollution prevention technologies will not only improve the health of your community neighbors but will also save lives. Mittal Steel can lead the steel industry with a successful pollution prevention program right here in Cleveland.

Please let us know your plans to decrease air pollution and make Mittal Steel a good neighbor.


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