Dear Mr. Fedor,

When a neighbor causes some small nuisance, we hope that a small amount of shame helps to curb that imposition. When a neighbor violates propriety routinely, we expect the community---both directly afflicted and not---to be more outspoken in defending overall well being.

Now, in the Tremont area, routine air pollution causes a sulfurous odor to greet us most mornings. More to the point, there is evidence that the millions of pounds of sulfur dioxide and other matter Mittal vents to the air each year may contribute to the high rates of asthma and other ailments that their Cleveland neighbors suffer.

By avoiding stack tests, Mittal has shirked responsibility for investigating its own offenses to neighbors. By avoiding installation of a commonly used baghouse filtration systems, Mittal has persisted with pollution that is seven-fold worse than it could be. Lakshmi Mittal may spend $60 million on a wedding, and $125 million on a house, but if he refuses to spend at least that much to control pollution caused to the community---that's shameful. It may also be criminal. Our community's air deserves our defense.

--- John Egar, M.D., Ph.D. MetroHealth Medical Center