Mett the Neighbors of Mittal Steel Cleveland

Dr. Joseph and Betts Skrha

Betts SkrhaDr. Skrha

Joe and Betts Skrha†have lived on Broadway Avenue in the North Broadway neighborhood†for 54 years.†Both had careers in the medical field.†In a conversation about Mittal Steel, Betts and Joe say,†"We're†very unhappy with Mittal Steel because they keep polluting without thinking about the outcome.†Air pollution is the biggest problem from the mill."†Betts and Joe explain, "In the last few months we have observed it getting worse."†Betts says,†"There are times when†five chimneys are pouring out smoke at the same time."†Betts and Joe†believe their†neighborhood is filled with really good people who take care of where they live.†Every year neighbors participate in the Clean Sweep of Broadway that started 12 years ago.†"Everyone gets together to clean up litter up and down Broadway.†But with Mittal Steelís buildings being such an eyesore and all the air pollution, no one wants to live in Cleveland anymore," says Betts.†And Joe wonders if Cleveland has become a dumping ground for polluters.

Deane Malaker

Deanne Malaker

Deane Malaker has lived in Cleveland since 1983 and has been a Tremont neighbor of Mittal Steel for nine years. His interest in the environment and good health practices led him to Ohio Citizen Action and the Neighbors of Mittal Steel group. Deane has had problems with soot from Mittal Steel collecting on the outside of his home. The black soot has eaten away at the brass mailbox on my front porch and my aluminum porch stoop that is pitted and tarnished as well. My neighbors have the same problems. Some of their iron railings are disintegrating, Deane explains. Deane wants to see Mittal Steel install state of the art anti-pollution devices in the mill.

Deanne's mailbox
All photos by Tina Dujmovic