Community Meeting on Air Pollution

Clevelanders are sick and tired of air pollution and particles in the air that can aggravate asthma, cause lung and heart disease, and lead to cancer. Citizens are using their own air-pollution testing devices to document the pollution themselves. The City of Cleveland does not have any mobile equipment that can be brought in to test for chemicals in the air near a polluter or in a neighborhood.

We have traced pollution back to Mittal Steel and to General Environmental Management. Representatives of both companies have been invited to attend the meeting to discuss these problems with the neighbors.

Mittal Steel is now owned by the fifth richest man in the world. Unlike LTV and previous owners, this company has the resources to clean up their pollution,including both visible and invisible particles, and become a good neighbor.

General Environmental Management, which treats industrial wastes, is the source of the chemical odors plaguing neighbors and workers at the Post Office. They are under court order to stop the odors and respond to the community.

Please call Ohio Citizen Action, 216-861-5200 for more information, or if you would like us to take a "swipe sample" or bring air pollution monitoring equipment to your home. For more information on the campaign email Sandy Buchanan.