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Published Monday, February 14, 2000,
in the Akron Beacon Journal.


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Top polluters ranked in Ohio

The study by Ohio Citizen Action ranks the top five Ohio companies in 1997 for releasing cancer-causing pollutants:

1. BP Chemicals Inc., Lima, 2.9 million pounds.

2. American Steel Foundries, Alliance, 1.1 million pounds.

3. Elkem Metals Co., Marietta, 917,776 pounds.

4. Cleveland Laminating Co., Cleveland, 868,000 pounds.

5. Dow Chemical Co., Ironton, 666,436 pounds.

It also lists the top five Ohio companies for releasing toxic chemicals that can cause hormonal, developmental or reproductive problems:

1. BP Chemicals Inc., Lima, 6.9 million pounds.

2. Timken Co. Faircrest plant, Canton Township, 5.3 million pounds.

3. Cincinnati Specialties Inc. (PMC Inc.), Cincinnati, 1.9 million pounds.

4. Occidental Chemical Corp., Kenton, 1.3 million pounds.

5. Henkel Corp. Chemicals Group, Cincinnati, 1.3 million pounds.

The report is available on the Internet at

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