Cooperation the key to dealing with pollution

Regarding your Eramet story on July 25, we wish to make a few points.

First, we recognize that Eramet is a respected and long-standing member of the Marietta community — a neighbor, if you will. They are not going away, nor do we want them to. Their contributions to the tax base, the jobs they provide and their subsidy of community events like the Mayor’s Jubilee are all expressions of the value of their presence in town.

Second, Neighbors for Clean Air and our many supporters are also not going away. Marietta is a great place with a lot to offer someone who wants to raise a family, start a business or simply live outside the crush of urban life. If we did not intend to stay in Marietta, if we did not value its many assets, we would simply move elsewhere, as some of our friends have done.

Finally, Ohio Citizen Action is working in Marietta at our invitation. Throughout the summer it will be knocking on doors in the Mid-Ohio Valley to talk with area residents about our campaign with Eramet. For the record, they also are not going away. Not until Eramet makes the changes and builds the relationships that will improve our health and quality of life here.

Like any group of neighbors, we can choose to behave fearfully and antagonistically, or we can begin from our common ground and work together to solve our differences.

John Whistler

Barbara Stewart

Washington Street, Marietta