Marietta to host national touring environmental film festival

wild & scenic

The largest environmental film festival in North America is coming to Marietta, OH. Join the Neighbors for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action when they host the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour at McDonough Auditorium at Marietta College on Saturday, November 17th at 4pm.

The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour brings together award-winning environmental films in a spirit of inspiration and education. The films cover a wide variety of topics and vary in length and style, but all strive toward bringing awareness to the natural world and humanity’s role in a delicately balanced equation.

The film festival was started in 2003 by the South Yuba Rivers Citizens League (SYRCL), one of the nation’s most successful grassroots activist groups. It began as a fundraiser and community mobilizer for the advocacy of its local watershed, the Yuba River in Nevada City, CA and has grown to receive local, regional and national applause for celebrating the spirit of environmental activism. After five years, it features 110 films with 60 guest speakers and over 3000 attendees.

The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour partners with environmental groups nationwide to host tour venues who use the festival as a community outreach tool and a way to raise awareness for both local and global issues. Featured at the event in Marietta are films that span the issues of community activism, farming and the true cost of our food choices. A special feature is “Eramet Marietta Neighbors Speak Out”, a documentary produced by Neighbors for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action.  

The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour is presented in cooperation with the Colony Theatre’s 2nd Annual Colony Theatre Film Festival. to be held in Marietta November 16th and 17th at the Mid Ohio Valley Player’s Theater and the Marietta Brewing Company. Please consider sponsoring the event.


Backwards Hamburger (animation) Free Range Studios
Do you want lies with that? After seeing this animated short you’ll think twice about eating that fast food hamburger. (US, 2006, Animation, 2:40min)

Birdsong & Coffee: A Wake Up Call Honorable Mention 2007 Anne Macksoud
What is the natural organic connection between coffee farmers, coffee drinkers, and birds? Coffee drinkers will be astonished to learn that they hold in their hands the fate of farm families, farming communities, and entire ecosystems in coffee-growing regions. In this film we hear from experts and students, from coffee lovers and bird lovers, and the coffee farmers themselves. We learn how their lives and ours are inextricably linked, economically and environmentally. Cine Golden Eagle Award 2006 (US, 2006, Documentary, 56min)

Grocery Store Wars (animation)2006 festival, Louis Fox, Free Range Studios
Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away, the dark side of the “farm” was all too powerful. But don’t fret, because a growing resistance called the Organic Rebellion is fighting back. You, too, can learn the ways of the farm with your friends Obi Wan Cannoli, Tofu D2, Ham Solo, Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, C3 Peanuts, and ChewBroccoli. Together, we can conquer Lord Tater and the Dark Side of the farm. (US, 2005, 6 min.)

The Mouth Revolution (animation) Free Range Studios
Tired of blindly following the brains, mouths revolt worldwide, refusing to eat any more garbage. Viva la Mouthalucion! Starring upside down chins.(US, 2006, Animation, 5min)

The True Cost of Food (animation) 2006 festival Tate Hausman, Free Range Studios
Learn the truth behind your weekly grocery bills. The hidden environmental, health, and social costs of agribusiness food is scary, to say the least. This great animated piece shows that anything but local organic food is unaffordable. (US, 2004, 15 min.)

Eramet Marietta Neighbors Speak Out, Ohio Citizen Action and Neighbors for Clean Air
Neighbors in Marietta and Vienna describe what it’s like to live and work near Ohio’s self described “manganese source”. Academics and public health professionals also address how manganese can affect the area’s adults and children. See a snapshot of an effort not to shut down, but to rehabilitate a polluter into being a good neighbor. (US 2007 Documentary, 25 min.)

Life of the River: the Futaleufu Channel G
Known for its amazing rapids, mountain scenery and endangered species the Futaleufú has been recognized as one the world’s most outstanding river environments. But power companies controlled by foreign corporations and the Chilean government are proposing a huge hydro development. People from many countries, including Chileans, are calling for the permanent protection of the river. (US, 2006 Documentary, 6 min)

Dream People of the Amazon Larry Lansburgh
In the early 1990s the Amazonian Achuar tribe of southeastern Ecuador learned about the outside world’s desire for the oil under their territory. The elders of the tribe had been having similar, telling dreams and the interpretation was stunning: if the Achuar people were to defend themselves and the land from oil operations, they would need to seek alliances in the very world that was about to destroy them. (US/Ecuador, 2005, Documentary, 32min)

Paving Shangri-La Andrew Stevenson
The Annapurna Himals of Nepal are home to 120,000 subsistence farmers. Here is a more authentic Tibetan world than exists in Chinese-occupied Tibet. The absence of roads in this culturally rich and scenic area has made the Annapurnas one of the world’s most popular trekking destinations. But highways reaching into this pristine region threaten a vulnerable culture and ecologically fragile environment. Honorable Mention Bermuda International Film Festival (Bermuda, 2005, Adventure/Environmental Documentary, 15min)

Wombat (animation) Honorable Mention 2007 Jason Ables
Listen to this little wombat. He has our future in mind. (US, 2005, Kids’ Animation, 1min)