Dec 27, 2008: MEXICO: Manganese mines harm children's mental development

MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- "In 2002 and 2003, blood and hair samples were taken from 300 adults and subjected to a variety of medical tests. In 2007, the same studies were carried out for 300 children between the ages of seven and 11. One part of the samples came from residents of areas near the mines, and the rest from residents of places similar in terms of social and economic development, but not near manganese mines. Riojas said the findings are alarming. Sixty percent of the adults who live near the mines present neurological problems and trembling similar to the effects of Parkinson's disease. In the case of the children near the mines, it was found that their intellectual and learning abilities are 20 percent lower than the comparable group that does not live near any mines," Diego Cevallos, Inter Press Service, published December 26.

Dec 18: Wood County air quality concerns environmental officials

WOOD COUNTY, WV -- "Reports about toxic air around West Virginia schools got a lot of headlines earlier this month, but there is only one part of the state where air quality is a concern to West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection officials: Wood County. For more than a year, DEP officials have been working with other state and federal agencies to gather data about the amount of manganese in the air in Wood County, said Renu Chakrabarty, air toxics coordinator for the state DEP. 'We were contacted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which is a subset of the Centers for Disease Control, and we've been working with Washington County, Ohio,' she said. '(The manganese) was coming from Eramet,'" Paul Darst, West Virginia State Journal.

Dec 8: The air we breathe
What's in the air around your child's school?

ZANESVILLE -- "The air outside of Roseville Elementary School and Roseville Middle School may have had high concentrations of manganese in 2005, but the air inside the two Franklin Local School District schools is fresh and clean, school officials say. Manganese, a heavy metal, was found in high concentrations outside the schools in 2005, with the majority of the air pollution contributed to two companies - Eramet Marietta Inc. and Globe Metallurgical Inc. in Beverly, according to an air quality database compiled by USA Today. The two companies' emissions, according to the study, included manganese and sulfuric acid and were within the limitations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency," Leeann Moore, Zanesville Time Recorder.

Nov 19: Marietta’s manganese problems may be tied to second facility

MARIETTA -- "Local industrial waste handler, Marietta Industrial Enterprises (MIE) faces legal action by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for failure to comply with their Title V air permit. The agency expects an inventory of materials handled, including manganese, within 30 days and will test for manganese emissions within 90 days.  The enforcement action occurs after 16 years of air violations by the Marietta based company, which handles raw materials for Eramet. “ Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

MARIETTA -- OEPA pursues action against Marietta Industrial Enterprises, Callie Lyons and Tom Lotshaw, Marietta Register.

MARIETTA -- MIE facing enforcement activity over air violations, Callie Lyons, WMOA, November 18, 2008.

MARIETTA -- ATSDR posts recent air monitoring results, Callie Lyons, WMOA, November 18, 2008.

Nov 13: Eramet moving forward with plans for upgrades

MARIETTA -- "Company officials met with representatives from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to discuss their plans for the future. Though no permits have yet been filed, Eramet spokesperson Joy Frank Collins says the company is making progress towards its goals. Two of the primary objectives of the $150 million in upgrades announced over Labor Day weekend are to improve the operational and environmental performance of the facility... She said everything is a little bleak during these economic times, but the company is still planning for the improvements," Callie Lyons, WMOA.

Oct 28: Late night fire at Eramet Marietta

MARIETTA -- "Night workers at a local plant were faced with an emergency situation Monday after a fire broke out in the facility's north side. It happened Monday around 11:45pm at Eramet Marietta. A plant spokeswoman says the fire broke out in a holding hopper, which is a cylindrical holding vessel. Briquettes, which are powder forms made up of aluminum and other materials are stored in the holding hopper just before they are bagged for customers. There were no injuries and the fire was quickly contained. Officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation," Beth Lanning, WTAP.

Oct 22: University of Cincinnati researcher visits Marietta to give update on children's health study

Dr. Erin Haynes
MARIETTA -- "Haynes received $2.6 million in funding for the five-year study earlier this summer from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Elevated levels of manganese, a known neurotoxin, have been recorded in the local air for years. The study will also analyze the air for other potentially neurotoxic metals that have been found in the local air like lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. The manganese emissions are suspected to originate from Eramet Marietta, Inc., a large producer of ferroalloys and refiner of manganese located just a few miles outside of Marietta," Tom Lotshaw, Marietta Register.

Oct 8: Thank you from Neighbors for Clean Air

MARIETTA -- "Neighbors for Clean Air would like to extend our thanks to you, our neighbors, in Washington and Wood counties for your support of our efforts during our Good Neighbor campaign with Eramet Marietta. You may have spoken a private word of encouragement, sent a thoughtful email, made a financial donation, attended meetings, displayed a yard sign, marched in a parade, conducted research, provided odor or pollution reports or written letters. Eramet’s August 30 announcement of their plan to invest $150 million to upgrade their facility is hopeful news for both sides of the Ohio River," Caroline Beidler and Neighbors for Clean Air, letter to the editor, Marietta Register.

Sep 12: Here are a few of the people behind the Eramet victory, and now taking on mountaintop removal coal mining

Cincinnati staff

They're not bragging, but these are some of the people on Ohio Citizen Action's Cincinnati field canvass who, with help from the Columbus field canvass and the Cleveland phone canvass, collected a record-shattering 57,624 member letters to the managers and owners of the Eramet Marietta manganese plant. These letters, most of them hand-written, played a crucial role in the victory. The Cincinnati field canvass is now working to end the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. Left to right:Jamie Weston, La'Kesha Smith, Lauren Frederick, George Khoury, Toni Brock, Erika Luck, Rathna Sivasailam, and Sean Murray.

Sep 9: "Thanks to your efforts the people of Marietta can breathe a sigh of relief. Great job!"

Many members and friends of Ohio Citizen Action and Neighbors for Clean Air sent us their congratulations on the Eramet victory. Read some of their comments here. Pictured above are Neighbors for Clean Air members Virginia Fordham and Harry Coffey.

Sep 4: Future of Valley tied to Eramet

MARIETTA -- "Saturday's announcement by Eramet Marietta that it plans to spend approximately $150 million for operational and environmental performance improvements at its Ohio 7 plant is welcome news for the Valley... It was also good to see the response from Ohio Citizen Action and Neighbors for Clean Air. The groups have suspended their public campaign to motivate Eramet to 'clear the air.' Too many times, an issue like this can become adversarial beyond the scope of the original goal. But in taking Eramet's statement in good faith, these groups have backed up their claims that they are pro-environment, not anti-business. And we also know that, should the company waver on its commitment to environmental improvements, the Neighbors members will make their voices heard once again," Editorial, Marietta Times.

Sep 3: Eramet praised for $150M proposal

MARIETTA -- "This weekend's announcement by Eramet Marietta CEO Frank Bjorklund, outlining the company's vision to improve the local plant's environmental and operational performance at an estimated cost of $150 million, has received good reviews from environmental and economic perspectives. 'The important point is to recognize their intention,' said Melissa English, Southern Ohio program director for Ohio Citizen Action. 'Our goal is to get them to state what their intentions are, but this is unprecedented, really,' she said. 'Not only did they run a full-page ad in newspapers, they also outlined a plan and even attached a dollar figure,'" Sam Shawver, Marietta Times.

Sep 2: Eramet announces $150 million in proposed upgrades

MARIETTA -- "One year ago the story that dominated the news was about how the Washington County Fair Board denied the Neighbors for Clean Air a place in the parade, at least in part because of their campaign against Eramet Marietta. This year the story is altogether different. The campaign has been suspended and plant officials have announced a progressive plan for cleaning up emissions and unpleasant odors from the local facility. On Saturday, Eramet announced plans to spend $150 million upgrading the plant over the next five years. Company officials say the improvements are contingent upon continued market support, adequate financial performance, regulatory approvals, state incentive participation and acceptable energy prices. But the upgrades would improve both environmental and operational performance," Callie Lyons, WMOA.
Sep 1: Eramet Marietta's new vision

MARIETTA -- "Eramet Marietta has released more details on it's over $150 million plan to drastically reduce manganese emissions and odors. This weekend Eramet stated it's new vision to install manganese alloy furnace production facilities. This is in addition to further develop refining technology and possibly restructure the overall layout of the plant. The plan is to improve the company's environmental and operational performance... Since the announcement came Saturday, members of Neighbors for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action said they have suspended their campaign but both groups say they plan to continue to meet regularly," Leslie Cebula, WTAP.

Aug 31: Eramet announces potential plant upgrade

MARIETTA -- "Eramet Marietta, Inc. announced on Saturday morning that it plans to invest $150 million in its facility on State Route 7 over the next five years.The announcement comes after high first-half profits in 2008 for the Eramet Group, the French mining and metals giant, up 55% year-over-year from 2007.'Today, we are excited to outline our vision for the future,” said Frank Bjorklund, CEO of Eramet Marietta, Inc. in a full-page advertisement published Saturday morning in The Marietta Times...Ohio Citizen Action and Neighbors for Clean Air, two groups that have run a Good Neighbor Campaign for 28 months asking Eramet Marietta to reduce its airborne emissions of manganese particulate, said they are pleased with the announcement," Tom Lotshaw, Marietta Register.

Aug 30: Victory!

MARIETTA -- Eramet Marietta Incorporated plant manager Frank Bjorklund has announced an ambitious five-year plan to invest $150 million to upgrade its facility and significantly reduce airborne manganese and odors. The announcement followed months of talks involving Eramet Marietta managers, Neighbors for Clean Air, Ohio Citizen Action and the French Embassy, and came 28 months after we launched our "good neighbor campaign." Eramet has also committed to maintaining a working relationship with members of the community who are most affected by how it does business. Eramet's announcement was made this Saturday, the same morning of the Washington County Labor Day Parade. Neighbors for Clean Air, who last year were barred from marching in the parade because their message "- - Eramet: Let's clear the air - -" was deemed too controversial, celebrated the news by marching with signs acknowledging this major development. "Wow!" said Neighbors for Clean Air spokesperson Caroline Beidler, "We are so glad to see this day." In a full-page ad in the Marietta Times, Eramet revealed its plans to install a state-of-the-art furnace as part of a "comprehensive transformation" toward "drastic reductions in airborne manganese and odors". We look forward to the coming months when we will work with Eramet's decision makers, including plant manager Frank Bjorklund, to implement the details of this exciting new phase of cooperation and accomplishment. Thank you to all of you who wrote more than 57,000 letters and petitions to Eramet and to their second largest shareholder, the French government. Thanks also to everyone who contributed money to the cause, attended public meetings and events and contributed moral support. This is a victory for all of the members of Ohio Citizen Action and for the families of the Marietta area who have worked so hard to convince Eramet to become a good neighbor. Cheers! Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Eramet ad and neighbors' response

MARIETTA -- Eramet Marietta to upgrade, cut odors, Columbus Dispatch.

Aug 25: No checks for manganese at manganese factory

CATO RIDGE, South Africa -- "Workers at a ferromanganese smelter near Durban were not checked for signs of overexposure to manganese dust and fumes until 2006, an inquiry heard on Friday. Dr Joao Do Vale, who did occupational health work for the Assmang ferromanganese smelter at its Cato Ridge plant, was testifying at the labour department’s inquiry into several cases of manganese poisoning... Manganism is acquired by overexposure to airborne manganese and is a disease that affects the sufferer’s central nervous system, leaving them with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis," The Citizen. Published August 22.

Aug 19: Kids' drawings for Eramet Marietta

Eramet's second largest shareholder is the French government. People from throughout Ohio have been writing to French President Nicolas Sarkozy to urge a commitment to cleaner operations at the company's Marietta facility.

Aug 9: Fair board requires application for parade

MARIETTA -- "Registration for a spot in the 2008 Washington County Fair parade will be required by all participants for the first time in county history, according to Steve Tornes, president of the fair board. . . Neighbors for Clean Air, a group committed to improving air quality in the area, will be marching in this year's parade, [Marietta resident Florence Beidler, a member of Neighbors for Clean Air] said. The fair board recently voted to allow the group to participate. . . Neighbors for Clean Air, targeting primarily Eramet emissions, will register for the parade," Connie Cartmell, Marietta Times.

Aug 8: Manganese assault

NEW DELHI, INDIA -- "In what looks like a diplomatic offensive to protect toxic trade, U.S.-based Afton Chemicals has lobbied hard with the American government to mount pressure on European regulators to prevent the proposed ban on its product, Manganese Tricarbonyl Methylcyclopentadienyl (mmt) . . . . A pre-eminent group of European health experts has written to the ministers of environment and health in the eu member states in support of banning mmt. They have argued, 'Evidence from France, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Bangladesh, and other countries strongly suggests that manganese exposure through inhalation and drinking water can damage brain development in children and permanently impair motor control and behaviour in adults. In Italy and Canada, environmental exposure to manganese through industrial and traffic emission has been linked to an increased risk of Parkinsonism among exposed populations,'" Roychowdhury, Down to Earth.

Aug 6: Our opinion: Fair board avoids parade turmoil

MARIETTA -- "News this week that members of the Neighbors for Clean Air have been approved to march in the upcoming Washington County Fair parade resolves a potentially awkward situation that made headlines after last year's Labor Day weekend event. Members of the county fair board were smart to resolve the issue now, rather than let it drag on as the Aug. 30 tradition draws near. The issue flared up last year as members of Clean Air protested what they saw as the board's refusal to let them march in the huge parade that includes scores of community groups," editorial, Marietta Times.

Aug 5: Clean air group OK’d to march in fair parade

Neighbors for Clean Air at last year's Labor Day Parade, where they were not allowed to march.
MARIETTA -- "Members of a local environmental group will be permitted to march in this year's Labor Day weekend parade, their attorney said this week, but a lawsuit against the Washington County Fair Board will still go forward. Members of Neighbors for Clean Air claimed they were unconstitutionally prohibited from participating in last year's parade... The suit alleges the fair board and its president, Steve Tornes, blocked group members from their right to free expression. The group had planned to march in the annual fair parade and distribute information about emissions from Eramet Marietta, a local manganese refinery. The company was a sponsor of the fair and Tornes' employer," Brad Bauer, Marietta Times.

Jul 31: Eramet plans 'around 5 billion euros' of investments in next 5 years - CEO

PARIS, FRANCE -- "Groupe Eramet CEO Patrick Buffet said the group is planning investments of 'around 5 billion euros [$7.8 billion] in the course of the next five years'. . . 'To respond to these needs we will have to invest,' he said," Helen Beresford, Thompson Financial.

PARIS, FRANCE -- Manganese drives 55% Eramet first-half 2008 net profit jump, Benjamin Mallet, Reuters.

Jul 30: Eramet completes first phase of Norway's Tinfos acquisition

PARIS, France -- "Eramet announced Wednesday the completion of the first phase of the acquisition of the Norwegian company Tinfos, relating to approximately 56% of its share capital. Pursuant to the agreements signed in April, the acquisition was achieved following the approval from competition and other regulatory authorities. The acquisition of Tinfos will result in an increase of approximately 20% in the production of manganese alloy by Eramet Manganese and reinforce its position as one of the world's leading producers of manganese alloy," Trading Markets.

Jul 29: New manganese mine planned for Namibia

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- "Johannesburg Securities Exchange-listed shipping and logistics group Grindrod, which announced the acquisition of the remaining 50% in Oreport on Tuesday, said that the company had partnered with Eramet to develop a manganese mine, in Nambia. Grindrod said in a media statement that Erament had bought an option from Oreport and its partners to buy a majority stake in the Otjozondu project, which would be developed over the next 18 months. Oreport, currently a 24,5 % shareholder in Otjozondu Mine, and Otjozondu Holdings would remain strong local partners in this project. 'This project expands the existing operations of Otjozondu Mining and has the potential to bring Namibia on the list of the few large international manganese producing countries and will contribute significantly to the Namibian economy,' said Otjozondu Mining chairperson Hans Wilhelm Runz," Mining Weekly.

Jul 28: Kids' drawings for Eramet Marietta

Jul 28: Monitoring manganese
Registry detects highest average airborne levels in Boaz, Vienna over 3-month period

MARIETTA -- "The highest average levels of airborne manganese over a three-month period were detected in Boaz and Vienna, W.Va., according to data recently released by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Manganese is produced by the Eramet Marietta plant along Ohio 7 south of Marietta. The facility is located directly across the Ohio River from Boaz... 'This points to the fact that more people in West Virginia should be concerned and involved in efforts to clean up the air in the Ohio Valley,' said Melissa English, program director with Ohio Citizen Action in Cincinnati," Sam Shawver, Marietta Times. Published July 26.

Jul 24: 6,399 letters sent to France's President Sarkozy about Eramet

CINCINNATI -- "People from throughout Ohio are writing to Eramet's second largest shareholder, the French government, to urge a commitment to cleaner operations at the company's Marietta facility. Dale Doerer, a Cincinnati resident whose family helped to settle Marietta in 1788 writes, '...come to the aid of our people living in the city named to honor France's commitment to our national struggle. Now our struggle is to survive against the health dangers of Eramet's operation. Thousands of my countrymen await your decision. We trust you will act in conscience that will honor your nation's historic role in this region.' French citizen, Annick Duvivier-Richardson, now lives in Kettering, Ohio outside Dayton. Her letter, written on the French holiday of Bastille Day, refers to Sarkozy as 'un homme d' action' (man of action) and admonishes him that 'France's reputation is at stake'. Letters to Sarkozy have been sent care of the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. since December, 2007. On July 10, Ohio Citizen Action informed the Ambassador that he would be receiving a larger volume of mail as citizens seek to hold France accountable for its role in polluting the Marietta area," Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Jul 23: Boaz tops list for manganese in January – March air monitoring results

ATLANTA, GA -- "The Agency on Toxic Substances and Disease Registry posted air monitoring data for the area surrounding Eramet Marietta Inc. on its website last week. The document reveals that of the four monitoring sites, those in Vienna and Boaz, WV recorded the highest quarterly averages for manganese at .13 and .18 micrograms per cubic meter, respectively. The highest single reading of .26 micrograms per cubic meter was taken in January at the Boaz monitor, just across the Ohio River from the plant. This reading is more than five times the level deemed safe for continuous exposure by the federal government," Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Jul 16: Unexplained (emissions) mysteries

MARIETTA -- "Communications to the OEPA from Eramet Marietta, Inc. indicate that the plant, owned by Paris-based metals and mining giant Eramet SA, cannot account for the plume at all. Eramet Marietta spokeswoman Joy Frank-Collins said on Friday the company launched an internal investigation immediately after seeing the photos in an email from OEPA. 'It appears [in the photos] the source is furnace 18, a semi-sealed unit that refines ferromanganese. Looking at records and interviews with personnel, we can’t find any reportable emissions event, equipment failure, or any other relevant event that occurred when those photos were taken,' Frank-Collins said," Tom Lotshaw, Marietta Register, article dated July 15.

Jul 15: Marietta residents urge Eramet to “be responsible” and “be a leader”

MARIETTA -- “In recent letters to the company, Eramet's neighbors in Marietta say they want to see them become a leader among local industries by going beyond their investment in Furnace #1 this spring. In the words of one resident, '...unless Eramet can take steps to significantly reduce the manganese and other pollutant releases from the air, these plans seem little more than a public relations ploy to ease public criticism of Eramet's role in the region's pollution problem.' Another writes, 'Be responsible for the mess your company has made and make it right,'” Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

WILLIAMSTOWN, WV -- Eramet: "Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?"

"I liked the way Eramet officials responded to the latest hard evidence of their air-polluting ways. You saw the story on the front page of The Marietta Times. The story referred to the photograph of a chemical yellow cloud that an Ohio EPA employee had taken at the Eramet plant. The EPA employee just happened to be in the area. Eramet officials responded to the photo by stating that their records show that nothing unusual was going on at Eramet at the time of the cloud. Well of course not; we know that! They don't have to tell us that the yellow cloud is nothing unusual. We know smelly yellow clouds are business as usual from Eramet. We smell them many weekends and many more nights. Actually, Eramet's response reminded me of the old joke about the wife who caught her husband in bed with another woman. The wife screams and calls her husband a number of bad names. The husband replies, "This isn't what you think! Not at all! Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?" Sorry, Eramet. I have to believe my eyes - and especially my nose!" L.P. McGovern, letter to the editor, Marietta Times.

Jul 10: Eramet at a loss to explain photos of ‘cloud’

MARIETTA -- "Photos showing a yellowish cloud emanating from an Eramet Marietta ferromanganese refining furnace this spring have generated some concern from Ohio Citizen Action, but company officials say an internal investigation has revealed no problems. The plume was photographed around 6:20 p.m. on May 12 by Ohio Environmental Protection Agency investigator Ken Mettler, who observed the cloud coming out of furnace 18 at Eramet's facility along Ohio 7 south of Marietta. Mettler submitted the photos to Christina Wieg at OEPA's Logan office, commenting that he had 'never seen emissions like this from Eramet before,' according to a memo Mettler sent to Wieg on May 13 and posted on the Ohio Citizen Action Web site, 'We just happened to have scheduled a recent visit to the OEPA office to look at agency records and discovered the photographs,' Melissa English with Ohio Citizen Action said on Wednesday. 'If we hadn't found this, would anyone know it had happened?'" Sam Shawver, Marietta Times.

Jul 9: Brazilian manganese researcher visits Marietta

Dr. Jose Antonio Menenzes-Filho, Carolne Beidler of Neighbors for Clean Air, and Dr. Richard Wittberg

MARIETTA -- "From June 9-13, the 10th International Symposium on Neurobehavioral Methods and Health Effects in Environmental and Occupational Health met in Costa Rica. Researchers studying the health effects of manganese all over the world met to compare notes and discuss the ever-increasing body of knowledge about the dangers of environmental exposure to this toxic, heavy metal. Among them were University of Cincinnati epidemiologist Dr. Erin Haynes and Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department Executive Director Dr. Richard Wittberg, who have been collaborating on a health study of area children. Another attendee, Dr. Jose Antonio Menenzes-Filho who is Assistant Professor of Toxicology at Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), returned with Dr. Wittberg to the States to meet with the Agency on Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the Neighbors for Clean Air in Marietta. Dr. Menenzes-Filho made a presentation to the neighbors group about a health study he is conducting near a manganese alloys plant in Bahia, Brazil," Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Jul 8: Eramet falls to 3-month low on report, Duvals to sell

A smelter is operated at Eramet SA's ferronickel plant in Noumea, New Caledonia. (Madelene Pearson/ Bloomberg News)
LONDON, UK -- "Eramet SA, operator of the world's largest ferronickel plant, dropped to the lowest in more than three months in Paris trading on a news report the Duval family, its main shareholder, has been selling shares. Eramet fell as much as 12 percent to the lowest since March 25, with the company losing a quarter of its value this week. The Duvals, with a 37 percent stake, have begun selling 'a few shares' of Eramet, Challenges magazine reported, without saying where it got the information. Under a shareholder agreement the Duvals may offload as much as 8 percent, the report said," Mark Herlihy, Bloomberg. Published July 3.

Jul 7: Eramet accident in Furnace #18 results in heavy emissions and many questions

LOGAN -- "Documents uncovered in a public records search in the Southeast district offices of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency revealed an accidental release of emissions from Eramet on May 12, 2008. The documents include several color and black and white photographs of thick, brownish-orange clouds escaping the plant. Accompanying documents also include internal Eramet reports and communication between Eramet environmental engineer, John Hughes and OEPA. Hughes' last response, dated June 19, indicates that according to company logs 'control devices were working properly' and that they had 'found no evidence of a malfunction of the furnace or control equipment during the reported time of the photos.' Neighbors for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action have sent plant manager Frank Bjorklund a list of questions about the details of the incident, which Eramet did not report to either group or the Ohio EPA." Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Jul 1: Letters from Marietta among 55,166 sent to urge clean up at Eramet

MARIETTA -- "Residents from Marietta have a message for Eramet plant manager, Frank Bjorklund: Be responsible and make changes for a better future. To date Mr. Bjorklund has received 55,166 letters from families across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. One Marietta resident urges the company to 'start the trend for all local manufacturers to curb their pollution output.' Another cites Mid-Ohio Valley air pollution among the reasons he and others choose to move their families out of town. He says, 'And if you think that I am in the minority of citizens that feel this way, I urge you to drive down any street in Marietta, ...and count the "For Sale" signs on the houses,'" Melissa English, Southern Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action.
Read some letters from Eramet's neighbors

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