Nov 2, 2007: 
Allo Eramet!  Il y a 42,843 personnes qui ont quelque chose â vous dire.

translation: Hey Eramet! 42,843 people have something to say to you.

letter gatherers

Neighbors for Clean Air and Ohio Citizen Action have collected 42,843 letters from Ohio Citizen Action members asking Eramet to clean up. Here are some of the people who helped. Bottom front row -- Liz Floyd, Bethany Norris. Bottom row kneeling-- Paul Ryder, Jason Danklefsen, Pete Cunningham, Rachael Belz, Crystal Cottrill, Toni Brock. Middle row: Jessica Spencer, Kat Boone, Lea Vaessin, Alison Baker, Jessica Metcalf, Kendra Ulrich, Steve Hruby, Matt McNamara, Chris Cox. Back row: Curt Moultine, Zachary DePompei, Brian Theide, Melissa English, Liz Ilg, Leontien Kennedy, Sarah Von Alt, Sara Woodson, Walt Sullivan, and Michael Stone.