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Saturday, February 03, 2007
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Letters to the editor

Eramet workers appreciate community’s support

We steelworkers at Local 1-00639 would like to thank each and every one of the residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding communities who have continued supporting us during the time we have been locked out from our jobs at Eramet Metals. May God bless you all; you know who you are.

To the other local unions and businesses that have come to our aid in this fight with French-owned Eramet —you know and understand what we are fighting against and what we are fighting for. Thank you for your continued support, and may God bless you and your families.

For those of you who have crossed our picket line — you should know that we will not forget you either.

We are continuing to fight for our retirees’ and their surviving spouses’ health care, our out-of-pocket medical expenses, retirement plan, and future retiree costs.

Eramet continues to talk about a $1.71 pay increase over the next three years. What they aren’t telling you is that the insurance deductions, health care costs, and the 3.3 percent of our paychecks we pay toward our retirement plan eliminate nearly all of that modest boost to our salaries.

Eramet has not told you that they are self-insured and control the insurance costs. They have not told you about the millions of dollars they have made on our backs. They have not told you about the concessions we accepted to keep the company profitable and running.

The public needs to know about the 75-plus imported, scab strike breakers staying at the Comfort Inn in Marietta. They are not from here and they are not contributing to the tax base of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Our fellow residents in the Mid-Ohio Valley need to know about Eramet’s broken promise of fair negotiations by the CEO and human resource director and our union’s good faith attempt to work under the old contract until a new one could be negotiated. They should also know that the federal mediators have attempted to get Eramet to meet at the bargaining table with us, but that the company has not always been willing to meet and bargain in good faith.

There have been 250 union employees locked out of our jobs because of the greed of a few that are unwilling to negotiate fairly with us. Now, hopefully, you know the truth behind this lockout.

We are your neighbors. We worship with you. We patronize your businesses. We didn’t want this situation; remember we wanted to continue working and bargaining.

Again thank you, Mid-Ohio Valley, for your support. And may God bless you.

Steve Brown


Telesis class says thanks

to all who helped on expo

On the evening of Jan. 23, an event known as Community Expo Night was held at Washington State Community College.

This event was hosted by the Telesis Class of 2007, which is a community leadership program of the Marietta Chamber of Commerce. Thirty-eight civic, volunteer, and community organizations gathered together for this event. The expo offered not only the public, but those organizations in attendance an opportunity to learn and gather information about each other and the numerous projects and missions each of them have.

The Telesis Class of 2007 would like to thank the following organizations for their support in helping make Community Expo Night such a great event: Washington State Community College for the use of their facility, The Marietta Times for their generous advertising, WTAP’s “Daybreak” and WMOA’s “Talk of the Town” for helping get the word out, and all the local business that allowed us to post flyers about the expo.

A special thank-you to the 38 groups and their volunteers who staffed the booths for the expo: American Red Cross of Washington County, Betsey Mills Club, CAP Armory, The Caring Connection, COAD, Zonta Club of Marietta, Ely Chapman, EVE Inc., Friends of Campus Martius Museum, Girl Scout Heart of Ohio Council, The Right Path, Greater Marietta United Way, Humane Society of the Ohio VAlley, Pioneer Ladies Civitan, Marietta Civitan Club, Kiwanis Club of Marietta, Marietta Community Foundation, Friends of Lower Muskingum River Watershed, Marietta Morning Rotary, Marietta Noon Lions, Marietta Noon Rotary, Marietta Rowing and Cycling, SCORE, Marietta Toastmasters, Marietta Welfare League, Ohio State University Extension Office, 4-H, O’Neill Senior Center, Reno Lions Club, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, Sons of the American Revolution, Telesis/TAN, Upward Bound, Washington County Habitat for Humanity, Washington County Historical Society, Washington State Community College Learning Center, YMCA, and Young Emerging Leaders.

Steve Porter

Telesis Class 2007

Smoking ban flap diverts attention from other woes

The next thing you cry babies will try to do is ban smoking in our cars.

Looks like you people are more interested in banning people from smoking than you are about your children out there doing drugs and drinking. I mean, what some of you may not know is that your child smokes behind your back.

I think that is too funny.

Sherry Fulton





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