". . . other options might be considered."

Transcript excerpt, Congressional briefing on Davis-Besse
U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Chair
October 24, 2002, Cleveland

Amy RyderAmy Ryder, Northeast Ohio Program Director, Ohio Citizen Action:
My question is directed to the representative of First Energy. Since this has begun, 5,800 Ohioans have sent hand written letters to First Energy CEO Peter Berg asking him to keep this reactor closed permanently in the in the interest of public safety. Earlier this year Ohio Citizen Action sent a letter to Mr. Berg offering a solution to this mess which is to convene a task force to explore the opportunity of whether or not repowering would be an option for Davis Besse instead of restarting the plant. Given that repowering could be an option that best suits the public safety, best suits workers and management as well as stockholders, will First Energy convene this task force and look at this as an option?

Geroge EdgarGeorge Edgar, Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, representing FirstEnergy:
It's my understanding that the company's present plan is to complete the comprehensive plans for restart of Davis Besse. If they are not successful then other options might be considered. There is no present intention to look at repowering. As you well know repowering has hurt at several nuclear plants but the successful repowerings have occurred before a plant has ever operated. The example would be the Zimmer plant in Ohio.

Amy RyderRyder:
There are two examples of plants that never went on line. There are also two examples of nuclear plants that did operate and were closed and repowered. And again, when the operators of Zimmer looked at this issue they studied the issue for fourteen months before they made the decision. First Energy's decision not to look at it is premature. I think in the interest of public safety, your employees, as well as your stockholders, it's worth looking at the issue.

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