Change in chairman of NRC Davis-Besse panel

Jan Strasma, spokesman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region 5
Sep 23, 2004

Jack Grobe, who has served as the chairman of the NRC Davis-Besse Oversight Panel since it was formed in April 2002, will be filling a new position in the agency and will be leaving the panel at the end of the year. Steven Reynolds, who is acting Director of the Division of Reactor Projects in NRC Region III, will be assuming the role of chairman, replacing Grobe. The remainder of the panel remains unchanged with most panel members serving since the panel was formed.

Both Grobe and Reynolds will attend the panel's September 28 public meeting in Oak Harbor, Ohio, and Reynolds will be participating in other panel activities as well. Grobe will remain as chairman until the planned transition at the end of December.

The panel coordinates the NRC's regulatory activities for Davis-Besse. The panel held public meetings monthly in the Oak Harbor area during the Davis-Besse shutdown and startup phase and continues to hold public meetings approximately bimonthly to review the status of plant operations and continuing improvement programs.

Grobe has been part of the NRC Region III Office staff since 1980, but will now be moving to the NRC Headquarters as Director of Nuclear Security Special Projects. His is a new position established to direct NRC activities regarding the identification and evaluation of enhanced security precautions and strategies for commercial nuclear power plants.

Reynolds joined the NRC as a reactor inspector in 1986 and served in several positions in the NRC Headquarters in Rockville MD from 1989 to 1998. He returned to Region III in 1998 as a Deputy Division Director. In his current position of acting Division Director, Reynolds supervises the day-to-day inspection activities by NRC resident inspectors at the nuclear plants in the Midwest, including Davis-Besse. As such he has been fully aware of the agency's activities at Davis-Besse.

William Ruland, Director of Projects Directorate III in the NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR), remains as Vice Chairman of the panel. Other panel members include Christine Lipa, the Region III branch chief overseeing inspection activities at Davis-Besse; NRC Davis-Besse Senior Resident Inspector Scott Thomas; Region III engineering branch chief Julio Lara; Anthony Mendiola, NRR supervisor for Davis-Besse; and Jon Hopkins, NRR project manager for Davis-Besse. Mendiola is expected to leave the panel later this year when he moves to a new post in the NRC.